Student Mobility

Student Mobility

The students are encouraged to expand their knowledge and experiences by attending international activities provided either by partner institutions or other. There are kind of mobility program which can attended by students are:

1. Outbond part-time

The outbound part-time program does not take a lot of time, usually less than a week (less than 40 hours’ academic activities). However, there is no credit transfer in this mobility scheme. Part-time out bond programs are: International Competition (Moot-Court, Debate etc.), Leadership Programs, Student Symposium, International Conference, Summer Course, etc.

2. Outbond full-time

Students can foster their study-experience by taking advantages of Full-time out bond program. This program is implemented with a longer time than part-time program and usually takes one semester or less (with more than 40 hours of academic activity). In this program, students have to be temporarily enrolled in the host university. The credits of subjects taken could be transferred in our Faculty. Please be noted that students are strongly encouraged to actively looking for the opportunities in doing students mobility by themselves. Our faculty also provide such information by the student-friendly media such as Instagram and Twitter. Please also regularly check for other student exchange opportunities by visiting Airlangga Global Engagement (AGE) at and their Instagram at


General Admission

The student mobility programs are not limited to which informed by our Faculty. Students are also strongly encouraged to actively looking for the wider opportunities internationally. For the general admission could be explained as follows:

Pre Departure

  1. Students apply to the certain program.
  2. Students preparing the relevant documents for the program admission in host institution (in example: CV, Recommendation Letter, Parent/Guardian Consent Letter, Passport, English Proficiency Test, etc.)
  3. Students submit a letter to the Faculty consisting:
    • Proposal
    • Letter of Acceptance of or Letter of Invitation
    • Faculty Aid for financing the program
    • Request of Acceptance Letter to Airlangga Global Engagement for financial aid
    • Suspension of one semester tuition fee (Full Time Outbond)
    • Relevant documents for the program (see number 2 above)
  4. If VISA is required, students could seek assistance from Airlangga Global Engagement by filling the form
    If it necessary, students will be interviewed by International Affairs Unit officers.

Post Departure

  1. Students are required to make a written report about the program including the footages (video and photos).
  2. Students have to report to the faculty when they finished the program (if full-time program to reactivate their student id (NIM)
  3. Full-time students have to provide their Academic Transcript to the Faculty (credit transfer)