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Student exchange & mobility refers to programs where UNAIR FH students can live temporarily at other universities abroad, aiming to participate in study programs or academic exchanges. This program allows students to enjoy a different educational environment, gain new experiences, and engage in academic activities outside their home institution.

In this program, students can spend one or two semesters at partner universities abroad which have entered into a cooperation agreement with FH UNAIR. During this period, students can take courses, participate in research projects, or engage in other learning experiences relevant to their studies. This program aims to widen students’ educational scope, enrich their cultural backgrounds, and increase their understanding of the international context.

Ultimately, this program provides opportunities for students to broaden their social network, increase independence, develop interpersonal skills, and gain valuable experience that can enhance their perspectives in future careers. These programs also help build cooperative relationships between educational institutions at the international level, promote academic collaboration, and strengthen cross-cultural understanding in education.

Student exchange & mobility programs available at FH UNAIR include:

The Tailor-made Exchange Program and Global Internship are carried out through partnership schemes with partner universities and with various funding schemes. In 2023, a tailor-made exchange program was held with funding from DAAD Germany at the Fachhochschule Dortmund and a global internship program at the Faculty of Law UnisZa Malaysia. For contact details about this program, please get in touch with FIO at e-mail:

See also the Student Exchange Program under Global Engagement UNAIR on the page

Information regarding programs can also be accessed on the FIO Instagram page at

My experience while in Ireland has provided extraordinary benefits for me. Starting from academic networks, friendships, and cultural backgrounds. One of the most memorable was seeing the trial process in Ireland, which has a common law system.

John Roberto Sampe (S1 2018)

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