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Students of the Faculty of Law at Universitas Airlangga play a crucial role in participating in organizations. Student organizations not only provide a platform for developing interests and talents, but also play a vital role in preparing them to become individuals who contribute to the legal field and society at large.

Through organizational activities, students can develop leadership skills, communication, teamwork, and time management. This will assist them in facing challenges in the legal profession that require adaptability and collaboration with various parties.

Furthermore, being part of organizations can help students deepen their understanding of current legal issues and sharpen their analytical abilities. Discussions, seminars, and other activities conducted by student organizations can provide a platform for sharing knowledge and perspectives on emerging legal problems.

Equally important, organizational activities create opportunities to build a wide network of relationships with students from various disciplines, alumni, and legal practitioners. This network can be a valuable asset in the future as they enter the professional world and seek job opportunities or collaborations in complex legal cases.

By participating in organizations, students of the Faculty of Law at Universitas Airlangga can prepare themselves not only as academically competent graduates, but also as individuals with broad insights, practical skills, and strong connections in the legal field. This will help students be better prepared to face challenges and make positive contributions to advancing the legal system and society in the future.

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