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FH UNAIR, as a higher education institution, has shown significant development over time. FH UNAIR is one of the best legal education institutions at the national level and has a global reputation for providing education, research, and community service. UNAIR Faculty of Law has prepared a Strategic Plan for the 2021-2026 period to maintain the growth momentum in terms of performance and organization. This Strategic Plan was developed by referring to various important factors, including organizational aspirations (Vision, Mission, Goals, and Targets), Long Term Development Plan (RPJP), milestones that have been achieved through the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, and various challenges that have arisen due to changes in the strategic environment.


To become a law faculty rooted in the values of justice and morality through superior legal studies that provide local, national, and global benefits.


  • Organizing higher education that produces superior jurisprudence with legal competence oriented to the values of justice;
  • Develop innovative and sustainable research to support the teaching and development of legal knowledge;
  • Dedicating legal expertise to the community that provides local, national, and global benefits; And
  • Organizing quality legal higher education governance through developing institutions that can compete internationally.


  • Producing superior juries with legal competence and entrepreneurial spirit oriented to the values of justice;
  • Producing innovative and sustainable research to support education and development of legal knowledge;
  • Producing community service that provides local, national, and global benefits; And
  • Realizing quality legal higher education governance through institutional development that can compete internationally.

The Strategic Plan

UNAIR FH Strategic Plan has a big theme: “Airlangga Law School: Teaching Leaders of Tomorrow”. This theme is translated into several essential components to support the planning process at the faculty level and all work units within FH UNAIR.

The policies of FH UNAIR lead to the policies of SMART University at Universitas Airlangga, which are then elaborated in FH BEST. The concept of SMART University, which is described as follows:

  • Sustainable Education for All
  • Meaningful Research and Community Services
  • Advancing Innovation, Enterprising, and Industry Linkages
  • Responsive and Lean Management
  • Topping Up Tangible and Intangible Resources Utilization

The description of FH BEST is as follows:

Based on morality, it emphasizes that all decisions made and activities carried out by UNAIR academics always consider the aspect of morality.

Excellence in academics, research, community services, and university holding shows that Tri Dharma activities of higher education and business units owned by UNAIR must have excellence.

Strong academic culture is an organizational culture that reflects the attitudes and actions of UNAIR academics as an educational institution.

Target-oriented is a value that underlies all measurable activities of the academic community and will later become the basis for implementing performance-based management.

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