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The Tridharma of Higher Education is an essential foundation for managing tertiary institutions in Indonesia. It reflects the strategic role of tertiary institutions in human resource development, research, and contribution to society. UNAIR Faculty of Law is committed to carrying out the Research and Community Service functions as part of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, which is designed in the Research and Community Service Master Plan. Research conducted by FH UNAIR includes scientific research activities carried out by lecturers and students. This research aims to generate new knowledge, broaden understanding in various fields, and develop solutions to existing problems. Community service involves applying knowledge and expertise possessed by tertiary institutions to provide direct benefits to society. Community service is carried out through various activities, such as training, consulting, social projects, public policy development, or the application of technology in industry or other sectors of society. Community service aims to assist communities in solving problems, improving quality of life, and supporting sustainable development.


Collaboration Opportunities

UNAIR Faculty of Law is open to collaboration in research and community service activities to create a positive impact. With collaboration, it is expected to combine expertise, knowledge, and resources to overcome challenges and solve complex problems in various fields. Strengthening synergy and cooperation between academic research and societal needs opens opportunities to generate concrete benefits for everyday life and social development. For further information about the collaboration, you can contact the Research Development, Community Service, and Scientific Publication Unit (UP4I) at e-mail:

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