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(19-24 August 2024)

The Faculty of Law at Airlangga University, a leader in legal education in Indonesia, is dedicated to providing a high standard of legal education. With a vision to become the premier law faculty in the country, one of its core missions is to produce professional jurists capable of excelling at national, regional, and international levels. This commitment involves encouraging engagement from both Indonesian and international legal scholars, aiming to elevate the standard of legal education through international collaboration. In this spirit, the Faculty of Law at Airlangga University leads an interdisciplinary and international collaborative project, setting it apart in the Indonesian legal education landscape. This initiative reflects the faculty’s foresight in recognizing the importance of integrating multiple disciplines within legal education. Such an approach not only broadens the scope of legal studies but also prepares jurists to address complex global challenges through a more holistic understanding.

The Doctoral School is a collaborative endeavor, jointly organized with the United Nations University Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS) in Belgium, the International School of Economics at Maqsut Narikbayev University, Kazakhstan and the International Forum on the Future of Constitutionalism (North America). This partnership underscores our commitment to an interdisciplinary approach in higher education, vital for nurturing versatile professionals in today’s interconnected world. Building upon the success of three preceding summer schools focused on regionalism, this Doctoral School continues a tradition of excellence. The past editions have vividly demonstrated a growing demand in Indonesia and the broader Asian region for advanced academic training in the field of regionalism, a topic of increasing importance for global governance. These successful events have not only highlighted the keen interest among future academic professionals but have also underscored the relevance and urgency of this subject in the current international discourse. By continuing this legacy, the current summer school aims to further enrich and deepen the understanding of regionalism, providing participants with cutting-edge insights and tools necessary to excel in this dynamic field.

The Doctoral School on Asian and Comparative Regionalism aims to bridge a variety of social science perspectives on regionalism, including: legal studies, economics, and political science/international relations (IR). This multi- and interdisciplinary approach is crucial for developing comprehensive academic expertise and enhancing the understanding of the complex dynamics in Asian and comparative regionalisms.

Our goal is to create an enriching environment for doctoral students worldwide, offering them the opportunity to engage with eminent scholars and peers from various fields. Through plenary and panel sessions, participants will be encouraged to exchange ideas, foster dialogue, and expand their academic and professional networks. We look forward to welcoming participants eager to expand their horizons in this dynamic and inclusive academic setting.

Format and scope

The Faculty of Law at Airlangga University will conduct the Doctoral School in a hybrid mode to accommodate a diverse range of participants. For those attending on-site, the program will offer full board facilities, ensuring a comfortable and immersive experience. Additionally, the agenda will be accessible via Zoom for online participants, allowing seamless participation from anywhere in the world.

The Doctoral school anticipates welcoming approximately 25 doctoral students from the Faculty of Law at Airlangga University, alongside 25 doctoral students from various global locations, and another 25 from the University of Airlangga’s partner institutions. This diverse cohort will foster a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives, enhancing the learning experience for all involved.

Major themes of the Doctoral school

The Doctoral School on Comparative Regionalism centers its discussions on Asian and comparative regionalism from multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective drawing from law, economics, history, international relations, political science, and theory.

The Doctoral School on Asian and Comparative Regionalism is uniquely structured to draw mainly on three social science disciplines: Legal Studies, Economics, and Political Science/IR. This interdisciplinary approach is fundamental to the program’s design, providing a rich, multifaceted perspective on the topics discussed.

The focus of these discussions encompasses a range of topics within comparative regionalism, allowing participants to explore various facets of this complex and evolving field. By facilitating these rich dialogues, the Doctoral School aims to deepen the understanding of regionalism from multiple perspectives, fostering a comprehensive and nuanced academic exploration among the next generation of scholars.


The agenda would be in hybrid mode on:

Day/Date : Monday-Saturday, 19 – 24 August 2024
Time : 09.00 – 17.00 WIB (Western Indonesian Times / GMT+7)
Venue : Faculty of Law, Campus B Universitas Airlangga
Participants : Doctoral students, Researchers, Professional and practicians (pre-doctoral students)

The Convenors
  1. Dr. Rosa Ristawati (Faculty of Law Airlangga University)
  2. Philippe De Lombaerde (United Nations University Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies/UNU-CRIS)
  3. Ikboljon Qorabayev (International School of Economics, Maqsut Narikbayev University)

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