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UNAIR Faculty of Law plays an active role in providing consultation and legal assistance to the community. The provision of consultation and legal assistance is carried out by the Consultation and Legal Aid Unit (UKBH). UKBH is a unit within FH UNAIR that provides consulting services and legal aid to those in need as a form of community service. The primary segmentation of services is aimed at parties with less economic capacity. In addition, UKBH is an integrated unit with the development of a legal clinic curriculum that provides space for student apprenticeships. Established in the 70s, UKBH FH UNAIR is one of the oldest campus legal aid services with the University of Indonesia and Padjadjaran University, which was formerly called the Legal Aid Bureau.

The structure at UKBH consists of a Chair, Secretary, and Consultant. The Chairman and Secretary carry out organizational management functions. Meanwhile, the Consultant at UKBH carries out the role of providing legal considerations for cases or matters handled by UKBH. In addition, the Consultant will also have the task of supervising student interns. Lecturers from the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University, fill these structures.

In addition, UKBH is also open to assistance and services with advocates who are bound by cooperation. The UKBH services include legal consultations and legal aid, both litigation and non-litigation. Furthermore, UKBH also conducts training related to advocacy and paralegals.

For information related to the provision of consulting services and legal assistance, please visit the UKBH FH UNAIR page here or via the UKBH FH UNAIR Instagram account at



Every semester, UKBH accepts student apprenticeships. Apprenticeship in UKBH is currently prioritized for internal students of the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University. The quota for apprentices each semester is 12-20 people. Intern students at UKBH are students taking legal clinical courses. The takers of this course are those who have already taken procedural law courses (preferably Criminal Procedure Law, Civil Procedure Law, or State Administrative Court Procedural Law). The apprenticeship program at UKBH is specifically designed so students can be involved in legal aid services in the non-litigation and litigation realms. Each student intern will be accompanied and supervised by an accompanying lecturer, a consultant at UKBH. After the apprenticeship, apprentice students are expected to have essential competencies, including terms of making legal documents, interview techniques, and client assistance techniques. The apprenticeship period lasts for approximately 1 (one) semester. At the final stage, students declared to have fulfilled the apprenticeship requirements will be given a certificate. For complete information about apprenticeships at UKBH, please visit the page



Sapta Aprilianto, S.H., M.H., LL.M.

Secretary: Franky Butar Butar, S.H., M.Dev.Prac., LL.M

Help Desk & Service Opening Hours

Building C (LPHK Building) FH UNAIR 1st Floor

Monday to Thursday (10.00 – 16.00 WIB)

WA Helpdesk: +62 821-3200-1354



The reason I am doing this internship at UKBH is that I want to experience how to serve clients who need legal assistance directly and also want to be able to make lawsuits on legal documents under the guidance of UKBH’s lawyers and also lecturers at the Faculty of Law, Universitas Airlangga. Not only that, I also want to know firsthand how we deal with agencies such as the police, prosecutors, courts, and others.
REYNALDI RIZKY SATRIAWAN (Undergraduate Student, Class of 2021)

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