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The study center at FH UNAIR spearheads scientific development through academic networking activities, research, and community service. Currently, 12 (twelve) study centers specialize in specific fields of study.

The Study Center at FH UNAIR opens networking opportunities by conducting research collaborations, dissemination activities, or other forms of cooperation to create impact, generate knowledge, and contribute to solving current legal issues for society.

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Research Center News

  • pusat studi pluralisme hukum fh unair keluarkan rilis tentang perkawinan beda agama

    UNAIR Study Center on Legal Pluralism Release on Interfaith Marriage

  • peneliti maroclaw fh unair bahas tata ruang laut flores dan selat malaka dari perspektif hukum laut

    MAROCLAW Researcher Discusses the Spatial Planning of the Flores Sea and the Malacca Strait from the Perspective of the Law of the Sea

  • diskusi publik hrls problematika revisi uu tni dari prespektif hukum politik dan hak asasi manusia

    HRLS Public Discussion: Problems in Revision of the Military Law from a Legal, Political, and Human Rights Perspective

  • para peneliti maroclaw kunjungi kantor distrik navigasi benoa bali teliti kesehatan lingkungan laut

    Maroclaw Researchers Visit Benoa Navigation District Office, Bali: Research on Marine Environmental Health

  • Tim-Maroclaw-Universitas-Airlangga

    Deepening Safety Studies on TSS and ALKI, Maroclaw Airlangga University Attends Discussion with the Directorate of Navigation of the Ministry of Transportation

  • Peneliti-FH-UNAIR-menjadi-Peneliti-Utama-dalam-Penyusunan-Background-Study-RPJMN-2025-2029

    UNAIR Faculty of Law Researcher Becomes Main Researcher in Compilation of 2025-2029 RPJMN Background Study on Infrastructure and Maritime Issues

  • MAROCLAW FH UNAIR Research Team Visits the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries to Follow up the Collaboration on Marine Environmental Health Studies

  • HRLS FH UNAIR Holds Webinar Series to Commemorate International Women’s Day with the Theme of Women & Technology

  • Strengthen Collaborative of Inter-Institutional Researchers, Directorate of Research and Development BAKAMLA Visits FH UNAIR

  • AIILS FH UNAIR Discusses Unruly Passenger Provisions and Possible Ratification of the 2014 Montreal Protocol

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