About the 2nd ICLGG

Globalization attracts dramatic change in how worlds interacts. In this interaction, fast mobility is undeniable, interests and competition are getting close, tight and varies. Globalization advances the law to change, adapt and as consequences a new institutional order arises. Most of the time, this institutional order is expressed in many approaches in the context of law even though globalization drives it to one connectivity. This expression of approaches, however, could be benefits and drawbacks at the same time due to the fact that it affects investment, democracy, international relations, corruption, terrorism and social justice.

This ICLGG annual conference is expected to take place to mark any legal development in society. The theme of this year is “The 2nd International Conference on Law, Governance and Globalization 2018”. Within this broad conference theme, there are six chambers focusing on the following sub-themes:

Business, Governance, Corruption and Social Justice (also collaboration with SMART Project – University of Oslo):

  1. Peace, Justice and International Organization
  2. Democracy and Terrorism
  3. Law, International Cooperation and Poverty Alleviation
  4. Regionalism and Comparative Law in Asia
  5. Reconstructing Indonesian Civil Law: Contractual and Non-Contractual Obligations (Only for Members Indonesian Civil Law Lecturers Association-APHK)

Invited Speakers:

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Rahmat Mohammad

Prof. Sam Blay, LLB, M Int.Law, Ph.D.

Prof. Dr. Tineke E. Lambooy, LL.M.

Prof. Christoph Antons.

Amira Paripurna, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D.

Accredited by:

Member of:
 ASIAN LAW INSTITUTE International Association of Law School BKS-FH Asean University Network

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