HISTORY OF KPS FH UNAIR Being fully aware of the duties and responsibilities as students who are in the midst of society as a function of balancing the power of government or political elite beyond the threshold of reasonableness, students as intelligent intellectuals who are independent and stick to their idealism are in charge of playing their role. An independent law, far from being a political influence, is the dream of all Indonesians. Seeing so much hope in the exiting fact of judicial system, this is a challenge for a prospective jurist to bring a change in judicial practice that is long running on a track.

Furthermore, students as an intellectual community are required to be sensitive and critical in dealing with the various dynamics that develop. With its disciplines, students are expected to be the battering ram of a system filled with injustice and oppression by thinking and street fighting.  Therefore, as an integral part of the community, a community committed to realizing Tri Dharma of University including research, academic, and community service, thus, they established Moot Community of Airlangga University on March 1, 2010 at University of Airlangga.

Unair KPS Faculty of Law was established in 2010 as a Semi-Autonomous Body (BSO) under the Student Executive Board of Law Faculty of Unair which was then led by Boma Indra Prabowo and Demy Susilo. Established in post-participation in MCC at Islamic University of Indonesia, KPS FH Unair continues to grow until it stepped on this fifth stewardship period. Since its establishment, KPS FH Unair has changed its stewardship three times. The first period was run by Yudhi Primary, students of 2007, followed by Choiruddin, class of 2008, followed by Made Bhasudewa, class of 2010, followed by Satria Anggayana class of 2011, and up to now run by Afief Ryan class of 2012.  KPS FH Unair as a Semi-Autonomous Agency is a student organization that has focus in the field of pseudo court, thus, in the running the organization wheel, it is harmonized with the vision of development and improving the quality of student resources in the realm of the implementation of legal theory, especially in the case of the judiciary. With that perspective, PPP FH Airlangga runs various activities maximized to accommodate the academic community of FH Airlangga community.  Not only in the internal campus environment, KPS of FH Unair of participated in the development of the quality of law faculty students throughout Indonesia by participating as a member of the Indonesian Moon Court Community Association (HKPSI). In fact, during his participation in the membership of HKPSI, KPS FH Unair is frequently assigned to play a central role in the stewardship of the center. It was once trusted to be the Central Coordinator, Treasurer as well as Public Relations of HKPSI. This belief is expected to be a whip for the future, KPS FH Unair does not only contribute to the campus environment but also for the development of pseudo-court throughout Indonesia.

Procedure of Recruitment – DOGMA (Education Student Organization) DOGMA is training activities to make “new member candidates of KPS Faculty of Law, University of Airlangga” officially acknowledged to be a “member of the KPS Faculty of Law, University of Airlangga”. Each member is entitled to have a valid membership card during a student active in Faculty of Law of Airlangga University. During the DOGMA process, prospective KPS members will be given material on: 1. KPS 2. Basis of criminal law (substantive law) 3. Basis of criminal law procedure (procedural law) 4. Nationalism In addition to being given the materials, new members are expected to apply tri dharma college in accordance with the students as the “agent of change”, one of which is Community Service as well as the outbound that aims to train communication and solve problems between each other. In DOGMA, students are also important to know that 3K is a principle in KPS, 3K are: 1. Kinship 2. Commitment 3. Discipline Activities that have been performed during the Management of Year 2015 include: 1. Internal Division • KPS Working Meeting • First KPS Internal Class • Display BSO • Study Club of Final Exam Semester 2. External Division • Blood donation • Charity and Iftar of KPS 2015 • Sharing between KPS of FH Airlangga University, UMM, UWK,  Ubaya, and Unesa • Departure of Delegation to HKPSI VI Meeting 3. Mooting Division • Judicial Class • Visit Court (Surabaya District Court) • Observer Delegation to UII • Delegation of NMCC Prof. Soedarto University of Diponegoro • Internal Mooting • NMCC AG Pringgodigdo V Airlangga University • Study Group Mutiara Djokosoetono IX Universitas Indonesia 4. Funding Division • Withdrawal of KPS Routine Cash Money • Clothes sales • KPS Hoodie Sales • Food and Beverage Sales • Creating Cover Act • Making KPS T-Shirt Upcoming Events 1. LOC (Legal Opinion Competition) 2. Operational Guidelines 3. Planting Trees 4. Building Library 5. SUCCESSION VISION: Establish legal students who have high quality and integrity towards the nation and state of Indonesia and are able to account for the knowledge they hold. MISSION: 1. Strengthening and strengthening relations between the academic community of the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University, especially among fellow students 2. Increasing students’ intellectuality in the field of law in general and quasi-justice in particular. 3. Creating Indonesian students who are intelligent, creative, independent, and have high integrity in serving the community, nation, and state by sticking to the principles of Pancasila.