Airlangga Summer School 2021

Airlangga Summer School 2021


Asia is a region rich with diverse populations, where history, politics, religion and the legal landscape provide unique experiences and practices. In terms of religion, the state’s approach towards socially engineering religion, particularly Islam oscillates among appropriation, accommodation, control and subjugation of Islam in different political and legal frameworks. Thus, the striking feature of Asian legal systems, besides legal pluralism, is legal instrumentalism, the use of law as a tool for social engineering, specifically, but not exclusively, in the economic sphere.

Our goal is to train students to become world-class lawyers, able to transition from one legal system to another, bridging the gap between civil law and common law systems. The program is for undergraduate students from various countries who wish to learn Indonesian Law and to deepen their understanding of the laws of various Asian countries, particularly in Southeast Asian and South Asian region. The course offered in this program will provide an opportunity to reveal the unique experiences of legal development in Asia region. The program is uniquely prepared the students for facing the complexities of global society and adept at navigating legal and cultural norms of the Asia.


Courses Offered

  1. Law of Indigenous People and Legal Pluralism
  2. Constitution‐Building in Culturally Diverse States
  3. Comparative Criminal Justice System in SEA
  5. Law and Human Rights in SEA
  6. Sharia Banking Law
  7. Islamic Law
  8. Comparative Private Law


  1. E. Joeni Arianto Kurniawan (Universitas Airlangga- Indonesia)
  2. Dr. Shruti Bedi (University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University- India)
  3. Dwi Rahayu Kristianti, M.A. (Universitas Airlangga- Indonesia)
  4. Herlambang P. Wiratraman (Universitas Airlangga- Indonesia)
  5. Lê Huỳnh Tấn Duy (Ho Chi Minh City University of Law- Vietnam)
  6. Maradona (Universitas Airlangga- Indonesia)
  7. Amira Paripurna, Ph.D (Universitas Airlangga- Indonesia)
  8. Dita Liliana, LL.M. (Research Associate, Center of International Law, National University of Singapore)
  9. Koesrianti Ph.D. (Universitas Airlangga- Indonesia)
  10. Ray Paolo Santiago, B.A., J.D., (The Ateneo Human Rights, Ateneo de Manila University, Phillipines)
  11. Rusni Hassan (Institute Islamic Banking and Finance, International Islamic University Malaysia)
  12. Prawitra Thalib (Universitas Airlangga- Indonesia)
  13. Rafizah Abu Hasan (Faculty of Law, Universiti Teknologi Mara)
  14. Fiska Silvia, LL.M. (Universitas Airlangga- Indonesia)
  15. Surutchada Reekie (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
  16. Sogar Simamora (Universitas Airlangga-Indonesia)

Credit hours

  • 40 hours (2 weeks- intensive courses)
  • Each course has 5 hours’ allocation time (including lecture/assignment/homework)
  • Each course will be taught by two instructors

Teaching method

(virtual) classical lecture/individual presentation/group discussions/writing assignment/case study

Timeline Program     

1st-2nd week of August 2021

Program Benefit

  1. Certificate of Completion for the entire 40-hours of Summer Course Program
  2. Program fee waiver scheme

Participant Eligibility Criteria

  1. Undergraduate students
  2. GPA min 3.0 out of 4
  3. Have a fair command of English*
  4. Academic IELTS Test, overall score: 5 or above; TOEFL® Test, min. 500 (paper-based), 70 (iBT);

Required Documents for Registration

    1. A copy of Passport (colored front page)/ Official ID/ Student Card
    2. Most recent passport size photo (red/ blue/ white background)
    3. Official academic transcript in English (issued by the applicant’s home institution)/ degree certificate
    4. One (1) Professional Letter of Recommendation signed by the referee (Preferably from a Professor, Invalid if recommendations are made by family members or friends)
    5. Scanned English Proficiency Certificate**
    6. CV
    7. Motivation Letter (500-700 words)

    *If you are studying at the school, college, institution or a university with English as medium of instruction, please submit Statement Letter of English as Medium of Instruction issued by home university.

    **Not applicable for student from English Speaking countries.

    Registration link          :

Registration link  

Deadline Registration: 30 June 2021

Program Fee & Scholarship

  • Program Fee 75 USD
  • Scholarships are available for availing program fee waiver scheme
  • Program fee waiver for first 25 applicants


  1. Program Convenor: Ms. Amira Paripurna, Ph.D. (
  2. Faculty International Office: Kukuh Leksono S.Aditya, LL.M. (

Additional Activity

Virtual tour of Indonesian Tourisms


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