Winning First Place, UNAIR Faculty of Law Delegation Achieve All Best NMCC Bulaksumur V Predicates

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Indeed not a new thing for the Faculty of Law, Universitas Airlangga (FH UNAIR) to make another achievement in the National Moot Court Competition (NMCC). After successfully winning 2nd place at the NMCC Prof. Cup. Soedarto VIII and NMCC XXIV Supreme Court Cup and the title of Best File at NMCC Tjokorda Raka Dherana VII, this time it was the turn of 1st place which the UNAIR FH delegation succeeded in winning at NMCC Bulaksumur V. Apart from 1st place, the UNAIR FH delegation also managed to achieve all the awards: Best Witness, Best Registrar, Best Panel of Judges, Best Plaintiff’s Attorney, and Best Defendant’s Attorney.


The UNAIR Faculty of Law delegation at the Bulaksumur V NMCC event consisted of Shabrina Maulida Hasni (2021), Indriani Vicky Kartikasari (2021), Yogi Kurniawan R. (2021), Ulya Nurin Maulidya (2021), Widowati Wulandari S. (2021), Alfonso Mario Utomo ( 2021), Maria Theresia Lewar (2021), Sandra Akhira Meisya L. (2021), Reynaldi Rizky Satriawan (2021), David Ivanderi Sitanding (2021), Heksa Archie Putra N. (2020), Emeralda Calista Azaria M. (2020) , Safira Aulia Pramudita (2020), Nabil Arijala Survito A. (2020), Sarah Fitriani Widodo (2020), Adimas Kembarari M. (2019), and two officials namely Desak Ayu Gangga Sitha D. (2019) and Jennifer Moniq Sutanto (2019).


Through an interview with FH News on Monday (28/11/2022), representatives of the delegation, Indri, Yogi, and Arjal explained that this time the NMCC was a civil law NMCC, different from the previous NMCC, which focused on criminal law.


“Obviously, from the case, the position is different. This Bulaksumur case is about civil law. The roles are also different because there are no defendants; there are plaintiffs and defendants,” said Arjal.


Yogi said that for the open recruitment of NMCC Bulaksumur V delegates, there was no requirement to pass specific courses. Still, the delegates were expected to understand the basics of civil law and other subjects related to civil law, such as civil procedural law, contract law, etc.


“The preparation lasted for about eight months. What was prepared started from the material, which was then consulted with lecturers, lawyers, and the judges. We are not limited to judges at the Surabaya District Court, but we have consulted with judges at the Sleman District Court,” said Indri.


They also provide tips and tricks to practice during NMCC preparation. Arjal specifically emphasized that there should be more voice training for the role of a judge because the judge’s voice is different from the voices of other parts.


“When I became an expert, I was required to use a Batak accent. So every day I have to practice speaking with a Batak accent, even though I’m not originally from Batak. So yes, we learn from scratch,” said Yogi.


Arjal tells of the difficulties they faced during the preparations. The case for the position they got was related to the law course on procurement of goods and services, while many delegation members had yet to take that course, so they had difficulties. However, said Arjal, they overcame these difficulties by consulting with the lecturers.


In closing, they explained their impressions while participating in the Bulaksumur V NMCC and sent messages to students who wished to join in other NMCC competitions.


“In my opinion, participating in the NMCC is a valuable experience because I get a lot of useful knowledge from practitioners and lecturers. I feel that this knowledge can be obtained more when attending the NMCC than learning in class. We can also add new relationships, and get a new family. My message is for friends out there who are interested in joining the NMCC, don’t hesitate. We all know that NMCC is not easy and cannot be prepared quickly, but there are many useful experiences that we can take,” said Indri.

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