Winning Best Paper and Favorite Winner, FH UNAIR Student Becomes General Winner of National Scientific Writing Competition

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raih predikat best paper dan favorite winner, mahasiswa fh unair jadi general winner lomba karya tulis ilmiah nasional
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(9/10/2023) | Students from the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University (FH UNAIR) have once again made achievements in the field of writing. This time, it was Yono Sugi Anom Darmawan’s turn. This 2022 FH UNAIR student won the Best Paper, Favorite Winner, and General Winner titles in the 2023 Indonesian Education Center National Writing Competition.

The national-level scientific writing competition, held online from 3 – 31 August 2023, is organized by the Indonesia Education Center CV. Aeternum Indonesia. Anom, his nickname, said in an interview with FH News on Monday (9/10/2023) that he became the General Winner because he managed to win the Best Paper and Favorite Winner categories simultaneously.

He managed to beat 40 other participants from various universities. Anom admitted that it was difficult because he had to learn to handle statistics and quantitative management techniques in a primary and autodidactic manner. He did this because his writing discussed the effectiveness of tax enforcement and the allocation of funds.

“My article discusses the discourse on crypto taxation because crypto mining (crypto mining) has a major impact on environmental pollution and contributes to carbon emissions. “I also discussed the discourse on crypto design by providing progressive taxes because the crypto industry is exploitative and has a large economic impact,” said Anom.

He felt this competition was challenging because the main topic was economic disruption, but the sub-theme was multidisciplinary. He was delighted and grateful to learn he had received the General Winner title.

In closing, Anom conveyed tips and tricks for winning the scientific writing competition. According to him, apart from needing research and writing practice, it is essential to actively conduct peer reviews with friends who are experts in the writing field or the topic being discussed.

“Peer reviews from friends help us always to get improvements and suggestions,” he said.

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