Winning 1st Place in the 2022 KPPU RI National Article Competition, UNAIR Faculty of Law Students Present Three Main Ideas to Encourage MSME Progressivity

Student of the Faculty of Law, University of Airlangga (FH UNAIR) class of 2019, Ariel Ciptadi Darmawan, won 1st place in the National Article Competition organized by the Republic of Indonesia Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU RI) on 14 September – 2 December 2022.


Through an interview with FH News on Tuesday (6/12/2022), Ariel said the theme of the competition was “Increasing Healthy Competition and Supervision of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) Partnerships, Rising Stronger Towards an Advanced Indonesia”. For the sub-theme, he continued, he chose the sub-theme “UMKM Upgraded Class through Supervision of Partnership Implementation by KPPU”.


“MSMEs are a vital sector for the Indonesian economy. In practice, when establishing partnerships with large business actors, a bargaining position gap is often detrimental to MSMEs. Based on this, I see that KPPU has a strategic message as a partnership supervisor, so it is necessary to maximize its supervisory role through a transformation,” said Ariel.


Ariel explained that he gave three main ideas which became input for KPPU in carrying out its duties to supervise MSME partnerships. First, the provision of partnership agreement consulting services that are relevant to the provisions of Article 48 of Government Regulation Number 7 of 2021. Second, partnership supervision uses a partnership contract database through the obligation of large business actors to provide updates on the ongoing partnership program. Third, strengthen the obligation to prepare a partnership agreement in writing by imposing sanctions on partnership violations where the agreement is not made in writing.


“My article entitled ‘Transformation of Supervision of Partnership Implementation by KPPU: Healthy and Speeding MSMEs’, I emphasize the three ideas above, all of which have relevance. The first idea is that business actors, especially MSMEs, can determine the suitability of partnership contracts drawn up with applicable regulations. The second idea is relevant to the provisions of Article 88 of Law Number 11 of 2020, which regulates a single MSME database. It is expected that my idea can become a consideration for KPPU to be realized so that it will bring progress in partnership supervision. Hopefully, in the long term, it will contribute to raising the MSME class, “explained Ariel.


Apart from explaining the articles he makes, Ariel also shares tips and tricks for writing good essays and becoming a champion. According to him, the essential capital to achieve achievements is the willingness to follow and try new things. One manifestation of that will is active participation in various existing competition opportunities.


“In this article competition, I started with a real intention to be able to give my best. I also don’t hesitate to consult with seniors, do in-depth research, and repeatedly revise drafts of articles I write. I also continue to collect and study materials and insights related to the field of this competition. This becomes the basic capital for comprehensive understanding and confidence when competing. In addition, the spiritual aspect and the series of preparations for the final are very influential on the jury’s performance at the presentation and testing stage. We shouldn’t take small things for granted because sometimes the little things can significantly impact our performance in a competition,” said Ariel.


He stressed that only through process and courage would one be able to develop. Being a champion is only one of luck. If you don’t become a champion, according to him, gaining experience during the competition is the most important because every experience is valuable.

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