UNAIR FH Team Won 1st Place in Short Movie Competition FTMM UNAIR’s Dean Cup

Being a law student means you can excel in other fields. Apart from the academic field, non-academic achievements such as being good at sports, playing music, or pursuing videography are other options for developing student talents. This is what motivated Adnan Kashogi (2019), Jalu Adinata (2019), Hanna Rosyidah (2019), Dinda Chomariyah Putri (2019), and Muhammad Agev Dzulfikar (2019) to take part in the Dean Cup of the Faculty of Advanced and Multidisciplinary Technology, Universitas Airlangga (FTMM) UNAIR) Competition in the short film category and won 1st place. The five of them were students of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Airlangga (FH UNAIR). Through an interview with FH News on Thursday (1/12/2022), Adnan as a team representative, said the FTMM UNAIR Dean Cup was a competition open to the public. So, those who participated in the competition were university students and high school students. “For the short film section, there are approximately eight teams. For one team, the maximum is eight people, but in our team, there are only five people,” said Adnan. Adnan recounted the difficulties his team experienced while preparing for the short film. He said their team registered suddenly, and it was approaching the last day of registration. Adnan continued he was given two weeks to prepare for the short film collection. “But a week before the submission deadline, we just fixed ideas, so it was tight. After that, we immediately shot. The idea was to fix it on Thursday, then Sunday, it was immediately shot, and next Friday, we will collect it immediately. The difficulty is for us to manage time and adjust schedules because you can’t make a film individually; you have to be a team. It’s also difficult for us to allocate time to edit short films and determine shooting locations,” explained Adnan. Adnan explained that their team, which only consisted of five people, ultimately had to do more than one task, aka a double job. He acts as a screenwriter, director, and film actor. “Actually, since high school, I have been studying video editing; then, when I was in college, I liked the film, and now that I have come here, I have focused more on editing and filmmaking. However, this is the first time for all of us to participate in a short film competition,” said Adnan. Adnan said that at first, they intended to use the shooting location at the boarding house, but due to licensing issues, they finally decided to shoot at Jalu’s home in Gresik. He was happy that he finally won 1st place despite experiencing various obstacles in making the film. “Initially, we were afraid we would not make it to the film submission deadline. We even thought that when the film was finished, we still wanted to collect it, but luckily we could finish it. The theme of the film itself is focused on resistance to sexual violence. So, for our film, we use the main male character who is a survivor of sexual violence,” explained Adnan. Adnan also conveyed tips and tricks for students who want to participate in the short film competition. According to him, the most important thing is to make work from the heart. “If you work from the heart, we will present arguments to the public. For example, in our film, the survivors of sexual violence are men. It’s a phenomenon that is rarely highlighted. The main purpose of making a film is to convey a message,” Adnan concluded. In closing, Adnan said that their film could be watched on Hanna Rosyidah’s Youtube channel with the title “The Truth”.

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