UNAIR Faculty of Law Won 151 – 200 QS WUR World Rankings

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Faculty of Law, Universitas Airlangga (FH UNAIR) again won the 2023 QS World University Ranking (QS WUR). This year, UNAIR Faculty of Law is ranked 151-200 at the world level and first at the national level.

Apart from the UNAIR Faculty of Law, the University of Indonesia Faculty of Law also won first place in QS WUR 2023. Dean of UNAIR Faculty of Law, Iman Prihandono, S.H., M.H., LL.M., Ph.D., through an interview with FH News on Tuesday (28/3/2023) ) said that this is not the first time FH UNAIR has won a ranking in QS WUR. Previously, the UNAIR Faculty of Law had won a 201 – 250 QS WUR ranking in 2021 and a 101 – 150 QS WUR ranking in 2022.

“In 2023, we decreased one cluster compared to the previous year. From 101 – 150 down to 151 – 200. In fact, in this QS WUR, we have a decrease, it must be admitted. However, even though we have experienced a decline, we are still better than in 2021 when FH UNAIR first received a QS WUR rating,” he said.

Iman continued by saying that many other FH universities had also experienced a decline in the national rankings.

“In 2022, we will experience an increase due to the pandemic. Academic activities were easier and more widely carried out because all activities were held online at that time. Maybe in 2023, because the pandemic will be over, mobility will return to the beginning and make a decline,” said the international law lecturer.

Iman explained that UNAIR Faculty of Law’s strategy for QS WUR ranking was still the same as in previous years, namely encouraging the publication of UNAIR Faculty of Law lecturers.

“We continue to encourage lecturers to write in national and international journals, for example, in Scopus. Our alums are also still in important positions both at the national and international levels. Some, even in 2022, will become ambassadors. Citations are also still being improved. However, we are still experiencing a decline, maybe because our efforts are not hard enough,” he explained.

However, continued Iman, ups and downs in university rankings are commonplace. The order also depends on the number of publications, research, and collaborations that year.

“Thanks to the QS WUR ranking, we know which position we have been in for 72 years. This ranking is also for FH UNAIR academics, alumni, and the wider community. The Top 200 shows what the founder of FH UNAIR and the first generation of lecturers and students who have held important positions in their careers have done have contributed to our current ranking. We must maintain quality and show that this ranking is not just a ranking, but must maintain the quality of research output, community service, and other things that impact the wider community,” he said.

Another positive impact of this ranking is that other universities’ Faculty of Law eye FH UNAIR as a reputable Faculty of Law. It also facilitates the implementation of lecturer and student exchange programs.

“If we invite foreign lecturers for guest lectures, they become more confident that UNAIR FH students are smart and active in discussions. It’s the same for exchange students. When we send UNAIR FH students abroad, the receiving university will feel confident that UNAIR FH students can study there,” he added.

In closing, Faith expressed hope for FH UNAIR. He hopes that FH UNAIR will increase in ranking next year while maintaining the quality of FH UNAIR, in research, community service, and other things.

“We hope that in the future research from Faculty of Law UNAIR will also be more responsive, what is the legal response to developments in society, even for something that doesn’t yet exist,” he concluded.

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