UNAIR Faculty of Law Researcher Explains the Urgency of Jurisdiction of Indonesian Maritime Affairs in the FGD Expert in Preparing Marine Health Studies Director General of KKP

On Friday (3/3/2023), the Department of International Law FH UNAIR attended an invitation to a Focus Group Discussion held by the Directorate General of Marine Spatial Management, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) of the Republic of Indonesia, which discussed studies in efforts to protect marine ecosystems as the basis for policy-making and proven scientifically related to the impact of ship activities on the health of Indonesia’s seas, especially in the Indonesian Archipelago Channel (ALKI) and the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) at the Royal Tulip Darmo Hotel, Surabaya. This FGD was also attended by the Special Assistant to the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in the Sector of Marine Spatial Management Planology, Mrs. Ir. Dyah Erowati, M.Sc. As well as the Acting Director of Marine Spatial Planning of the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Mr. Ir. Suhrayanto, M.Sc.


In this meeting, FH UNAIR was represented by academics and researchers from Airlangga Institute of International Law Studies (AIILS) who have maximum competency in Indonesian Maritime Law, namely Dr. Nilam Andalia Kurniasari, LL.M and at the same time became a resource person in delivering material about Juridical Aspects and Perspectives on International Sea Law related to the Importance of Ocean Health Aspects in ALKI and TSS before the FGD participants this time. Also present was the Director of AIILS, namely Mr. Adhy Riadhy Arafah., LL.M. (Adv.) who also shared his views on the need for in-depth research on aspects of maritime law in Indonesia and AIILS’ readiness to assist the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs14), particularly related to protecting the marine environment in Indonesia.


Indonesia is a country that has abundant and very diverse marine and fishery resources. As the number two country in the world with the most extensive coral reefs, Indonesia has an essential role in ensuring the sustainability of fisheries and marine development for the welfare of society. The utilization of marine resources is an interesting phenomenon that occurs in almost every water in Indonesia. Communities understand that they, directly and indirectly, benefit from a healthy marine ecosystem.


What then becomes a concern is the health of Indonesia’s sea which is considered quite vulnerable to various possibilities of pollution and damage. Apart from occurring in its territory, pollution can also be the result of shipments from the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Only some of the waste produced by passenger and cargo ships is wasted in Indonesian waters. This certainly causes the health of Indonesia’s seas to decrease and requires more attention from policymakers and their staff.


Apart from that, from the presentation delivered by Dr. Nilam, Indonesia still needs a series of regulations that must be accompanied by proper implementation to protect marine ecosystems and health in Indonesia. She further emphasized the issue of the boundaries of zones in the sea so that then the rights of the Republic of Indonesia can be fully upheld in the sovereign territory of the Republic of Indonesia.


In closing, after the event, the Director General of Marine Spatial Management expressed his gratitude for the presence of AIILS in this marine law study. Of course, the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University, and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries can work together in a research study on Indonesian Maritime Law and Health.

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