UNAIR Faculty of Law & Monash Law School, Australia Discusses the Collaborative Potential of the Two Institutions

United, we grow; divided, we fall. This proverb is undoubtedly appropriate to describe that cooperation is needed to be better. Better achievements will be challenging to achieve without the unity that is realized through collaboration. This proverb is being implemented by the Faculty of Law, Universitas Airlangga, continuing to expand and open up opportunities for collaboration. This can be seen from the many visits made and received in the past. One of them was a visit from the School of Law, Monash University, which was held on Monday, 14 November 2022.


The delegates from the Monash University Law School who attended were Prof. Andrew Mitchell, Prof. Jean Allain, and Dr. H. Nadirsyah Hosen, LL.M., M.A. (Hons), Ph.D. or better known as Gus Nadir. The delegation was welcomed and received directly by Iman Prihandono, S.H., M.H., LL.M., Ph.D as the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University. Through an upload, Gus Nadir explained that the visit was part of a series of visits to several law faculties in Indonesia. “We visited several Law Faculties in Indonesia to see potential collaborations,” he said in a social media post. The visit to the Faculty of Law, Universitas Airlangga itself, was the first of the series.


The visit was, of course, meant to initiate new cooperation programs between the two institutions, such as student exchanges, lecturer exchanges, and research collaborations. Besides that, Prof. Jean Allain, an international law expert, also had the opportunity to lecture on the same day. Prof. Jean Allain gave a public lecture entitled Decolonisation’s Contribution to International Law: the Communitarian Thread of Jus Cogen and Obligations Erga Omnes. This lecture was attended by international law researchers, doctoral students, and young lecturers.


In closing, Gus Nadir, through the same upload, expressed his happiness. “First-day visit to Surabaya. Departure from Jakarta in the morning and return to Jakarta in the evening. Our goal is to go to the Faculty of Law, at Airlangga University. After the official presentation and discussion with my best friend Mr. Dean (Iman Prihandono), we had lunch and went around Surabaya,” he said happily. The delegation then continued their visits to various legal higher education institutions in Yogyakarta, Bandung, and Jakarta.

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