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(31/7/2023) | An internship at a law firm provides aspiring legal professionals with valuable hands-on experience in the legal field. It is an opportunity to work within a law firm environment and gain practical insights into various aspects of legal practice. One law firm that has partnered with the UNAIR Faculty of Law is Martin Suryana & Associates. One of the interns was Fakhira Dyna Putri Maharani Iksir from the class of 2020.

Through the FH NEWS interview with Fakhira, during her apprenticeship, she is focused on assisting in reviewing civil case court decisions, helping to draft sales-purchase agreement contracts, and machine installation for import-export companies, also as a content creator of Martin Suryana & Associates Instagram, which focus on education content regarding the latest legal issues.

Although she had difficulties initially during her internship, Fakhira was grateful for the apprenticeship program. She was able to learn more about civil law through internships.

Fakhira said that at the beginning of the apprenticeship, Fakhira and her friends were invited to the law firm early, so she and her friends were at a loss with the preparations. “But it all paid off because the office is super nice and luxurious. Apart from that, we were welcomed very warmly by both junior and senior associates and Mr. Martin himself, so we felt very comfortable doing our internship at the office,” concluded Fakhira.

Fakhira is enthusiastic about working at Martin Suryana & Associates when she graduates. She is very interested because she aspires to become an advocate, and this law firm has a reasonably big name in Surabaya. In addition, she also hopes that Martin Suryana & Associates can continue to support the UNAIR Faculty of Law External PKL program because the experience and internship program provided by this agency are very insightful and professional so that they can become provisions for future apprentices.

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