UNAIR Faculty of Law Academic Staff Accomplished Certification of Competence

Various encouraging news within the Airlangga University Faculty of Law continued to arrive until the momentum of the end of 2022. This encouraging news did not only come from the lecturers and students but also from the educational staff. This can be seen from the existence of several academic staff who have succeeded in obtaining competency certification. No half-hearted; some of these certifications even have a national to international level. This achievement is undoubtedly something to be proud of because the implementation of quality legal higher education would not have been possible without the support of academic staff through their competence and professionalism.


Some academic staff at the Faculty of Law, Universitas Airlangga, recently accomplished certification for three competency areas, including web developer, archivist, and Microsoft office. Yuni Ma’rifatul Afifah, A.Md, completed the web developer & office competency certification with the highest score in batch 3 as the Information Systems Unit Administrative Executor. His daily work involves creating, designing, and managing the official website (fh.unair.ac.id). Yuni, who understands the programming language, explained that she obtained the certification from the Professional Certification Institute (LSP), which received a license from the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP) and is equivalent to the Asian level of certification. Of course, this achievement makes him feel proud because he has received recognition for his competence and hopes that it can continue to be improved to functional competency positions.


Meanwhile, Rr. Wita Pramadiyani, S.S. as Young Archivist. According to him, there is a sense of pride after obtaining certification as a form of recognition of competence. Of course, it is not easy, and not everyone can get this competency certification. Finally, Subeki, S.T. as Computer Network Administrator and M. Haris Ardiyansah, S.ST as Network Security Administrator. Both are already known as information system administrators at the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University, who ensure that all IT services, especially networks, run smoothly.

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