UKBH FH UNAIR Opens Legal Aid for Victims of Acute Kidney Failure in East Java

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Recently, cases of acute kidney failure caused by contaminated fever-reducer drugs have become a common concern in Indonesia. With a high mortality rate of 57%, access to justice due to consuming contaminated drugs is undoubtedly needed. As a form of social care, the Consultation and Legal Aid Unit (UKBH) FH UNAIR opened a legal aid post for victims of acute kidney failure in East Java.


The FH UNAIR public relation team explored this story further by interviewing the Head of UKBH FH UNAIR Sapta Aprilianto, S.H., M.H., LL.M. Sapta said that anyone who feels symptoms of acute kidney failure after consuming drugs registered as contaminated by the Indonesian Ministry of Health can access the assistance offered by the UKBH. Assistance will be in the form of consultation with legal advocacy.


“We can help by applying for consumer protection from these drugs to the Consumer Dispute Settlement Agency (BPSK). Or we can also apply for assistance to report suspected criminal acts,” said the expert on criminal law.


Sapta explained that several law lecturers at FH UNAIR were willing to become consultants in this command post. The first is the Dean of FH UNAIR Iman Prihandono, Ph.D, an expert on Business and Human Rights. The second is Health Law Expert Riza Alifianto Kurniawan, S.H., MTCP. The third is Dian Purnama Anugerah, S.H., M.Kn., LL.M., who is an Expert in Consumer Protection Law. The fourth is Human Rights Expert Franky Butar Butar, S.H., M.Dev.Prac., LL.M.


“The role of the consultant will be to assist the cases related to kidney failure earlier. They will later help formulate legal steps to take in case advocacy. Do you want to go to BPSK, do you want to be sued civilly, do you want to be reported and processed criminally,” concluded Sapta.

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