The momentum of National Education Day: UNAIR Faculty of Law in 70th Best Law School in Asia Version of EduRank

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(04/5/2023) | National Education Day is celebrated every year on May 2. Commemoration of National Education Day every May 2 manifests the birthday of Ki Hajar Dewantara, Indonesia’s national hero known as the Father of National Education.


Ki Hajar Dewantara has taught a well-known philosophy in education, namely “Ing Ngarso Sung Tulodo, Ing Madyo Mangun Karso, Tut Wuri Handayani” which means “In front of giving an example, in the middle giving guidance, behind giving encouragement”. Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Students and Alumni of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Airlangga (FH UNAIR), Dr. Enny Narwati, S.H., M.H., said that the commemoration of National Education Day was expected to be an encouragement and mover for students not only to seek degrees from college but also to carry out activities and improve their abilities in other fields so that they become people of noble and robust character.


“Ki Hajar Dewantara once said that we can lead to glory with knowledge. These wise words always inspire the world of education to be better for the glory of the nation and state. These words align with this year’s National Education Day theme, Moving Together Enlivening Freedom of Learning. Higher education must be interpreted not only to seek a degree but to form a person with a noble and strong character. The students are expected to be able to experience lectures and experience in activities throughout the country and abroad to increase graduates ability and competitiveness in the job market. With these qualified abilities, students are also expected to be able to have high quality and become leaders in a better future,” said Dr. Enny.


National Education Day is also a momentum for FH UNAIR to improve the quality of higher education. UNAIR Faculty of Law won the EduRank Best Law School award in Indonesia by being ranked 70th in Asia and ranked 596th in the world. Meanwhile, in Indonesia itself, UNAIR Faculty of Law won 2nd place according to the EduRank ranking. FH UNAIR is only one rank below the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia.


The EduRank ranking consists of three indicators, namely 45% research performance, 45% non-academic excellence, and 10% alum score. This shows that FH UNAIR is one of the campuses with the best research performance and scientific publications. Apart from that, UNAIR Faculty of Law also succeeded in encouraging its academic community to not only carry out educational activities but also in non-academic fields. The alums of FH UNAIR are quality alums who have careers in various fields and occupy important positions.

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