The Excitement of the Visit from SMA Surabaya Cambridge School at FH UNAIR

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simak keseruan kunjungan dari sma surabaya cambridge school di fh unair
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(9/10/2023) | Airlangga University’s Faculty of Law is now the best Faculty of Law at the national level. Not surprisingly, FH UNAIR is often visited by several high schools to discover some of the advantages and qualities found at FH UNAIR, such as on Tuesday (3/10/2023) the arrival of Cambridge School High School.

During this visit, SMA Surabaya Cambridge School was warmly welcomed by FH UNAIR staff, including Iman Prihandono, Ph.D as Dean of FH UNAIR. In his speech, Iman Prihandono, Ph.D said that FH UNAIR, the best Law Faculty in Indonesia, has many programs that support the learning of FH UNAIR students, both regular and international.

“According to the QS World University Rankings, FH UNAIR is the number 1 best Faculty of Law in Indonesia, so with all its achievements, it can remain the number 1 Faculty of Law in Indonesia. “We also express our gratitude for the visit from SMA Surabaya Cambridge School; we hope that some of the Cambridge School students will be interested in becoming part of FH UNAIR,” said the Dean of FH UNAIR.

In a series of SMA Surabaya Cambridge School visits, SMA Surabaya Cambridge School students were given some information, starting from the infrastructure at FH UNAIR, the learning system, to several international programs that FH UNAIR students can participate in.

Kevin, the supervising teacher from SMA Surabaya Cambridge School, said he was happy to be able to visit FH UNAIR because, for him, this visit could increase interest and insight for the students of SMA Surabaya Cambridge School in the future to continue their studies as law students.

“50 students from the Social Sciences department attended this visit, dominated by students in grades 10 and 11. We hope that after carrying out this visit, the students will be motivated to study law, and we also hope that FH UNAIR can continue establishing a relationship with SMA Surabaya Cambridge School,” said Kevin.

Shareen and Reeta, who are high school students at Surabaya Cambridge School, when interviewed by FH NEWS, also expressed that they hope to be part of FH UNAIR and, hopefully, in the future FH UNAIR can continue to maintain its position as the best Law Faculty in Indonesia.

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