Strengthen Collaborative of Inter-Institutional Researchers, Directorate of Research and Development BAKAMLA Visits FH UNAIR

On Thursday (2/3/2023), the Department of International Law FH UNAIR visited researchers from the Maritime Security Agency (BAKAMLA), Col. Bakamla Ir. Marthen Pendi., Col. Bakamla Waryoto, S.E., May Bakamla Aspin Utoyo, S.Kom., and First Lieutenant Bakamla Moch. Chairul Anam, S.T. in the Faculty Club Room. The researchers from the Republic of Indonesia’s maritime security team visited intending to strengthen institutional cooperation between research institutions and hoping for advice in academic studies to realize security, safety, and law enforcement practices in marine matters in Indonesia.


In this meeting, the Department of International Law FH UNAIR, represented by Professor of International Law Prof. Koesrianti, LL.M., Ph.D. accompanied by the Director of Airlangga Institute of International Law Studies (AIILS) Mr. Adhy Riadhy Arafah., LL.M. (Adv.) along with experts of International Law and Maritime Law Mrs. Dr. Aktieva Tri Tjitrawati., Mrs. Dr. Nilam Andalia Kurniasari., LL.M and Mrs. A.Indah Camelia., S.H., M.H


FH UNAIR was chosen because it is one of the law campuses with the best research on Law of the Sea in Indonesia, with research that was carried out long ago by research academics before the appearance of Government Regulation Number 13 of 2022 concerning the Implementation of Security, Safety and Law Enforcement in the Waters Indonesia. The corporation is expected to conduct a series of scientific activities to produce an in-depth understanding and develop the practical application of in-depth scientific values and contexts or appropriate methods for implementing maritime security.


This visit was wrapped in the Model Forum Group Discussion (FGD) and reaped various reciprocal responses to the solutive arguments in this joint dialogue. Suggestions in the form of implementation of maritime security, safety, and law enforcement, hope in the form of various research models that can be used so that later this research can become a reference which in its implementation can be carried out correctly.


The Department of International Law FH UNAIR expressed readiness to have resources to assist BAKAMLA in carrying out some of the urgent needs of BAKAMLA, one of the inputs that can be given is the need for cooperation from each Stakeholder who is responsible for implementing policies on safety and law enforcement.


This meeting will later become the foundation for the collaborative relationship between the two institutions, BAKAMLA and FH UNAIR to enforce national policies on maritime security, safety, and law enforcement in Indonesia. Whether it’s in the framework of Evaluation, Suggestions and Input to coordinate and synchronize the aspects of the law of the sea in Indonesia. Therefore, the Department of International Law FH UNAIR hopes that there will be in-depth studies carried out by BAKAMLA Researchers so that they can identify every sector of crime at sea.


In closing, UNAIR Faculty of Law wholeheartedly stated that they are willing to collaborate with the Directorate of Research and Development Bakamla within the scope of Higher Education’s Tridharma, namely Education and Teaching, Research and Development and Community Service.

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