PT. SIER Collaborates with FH UNAIR to Strengthen Company Litigation

Surabaya Industrial Estate Rungkut (PT. SIER) is an industrial company operating in developing industrial estates in Indonesia, especially in East Java. PT. SIER is a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) with over 40 years of experience. The more developed business fields of PT. SEER, PT. As one of Indonesia’s oldest SOEs, SIER prioritizes legal certainty and litigation in all of its operational activities.

In order to support legal certainty and litigation for its operational activities, PT. SIER collaborates with the Airlangga Center for Legal Drafting and Professional Development (ALC) unit, Faculty of Law, Airlangga University (FH UNAIR)—the agenda for signing the cooperation agreement between PT. SIER and FH UNAIR were held on Wednesday (8/3/2023) in the Faculty Club Room, Building A FH UNAIR—Representa tive of PT. SIER, who was also present at the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing, was the Main Director of PT. SIER, Didik Prasetyo; Head of Legal Division of PT. SEER, Hananto, and staff of PT. SEER. Meanwhile, UNAIR Faculty of Law representatives welcomed the Dean of UNAIR Faculty of Law, Iman Prihandono, Ph.D .; Director of ALC FH UNAIR, Dian Purnama Anugerah, S.H., M.Kn., LL.M.; Secretary of FH UNAIR, Kukuh Leksono Suminaring Aditya, S.H., LL.M.; as well as several FH UNAIR ALC staff.


Main Director of PT. SIER, Didik, said that PT. SIER requires advice from sources in the form of drafting business contracts, regulations, and legal audits. In addition, Didik also said that to create legal certainty and legal litigation for PT. SIER in the future, PT. SIER decided to work with ALC FH UNAIR. ALC FH UNAIR, as a unit of FH UNAIR that coordinates legal services is the right institution as a legal aid cooperation partner with PT. SEER.


“With this collaboration, it is expected that PT. SIER and ALC FH UNAIR can collaborate and make efforts to prevent legal problems that PT will face. SEER in business development. In addition, this collaboration is also expected to be a solution in PT. SEER,” said Didik.


The Dean of FH UNAIR, Iman, said that ALC FH UNAIR as a work unit has lecturers/experts in the field of law where FH UNAIR is one of the performance measurements of PTN BH (State University with Legal Entity) which is revenue generating.


“ALC FH UNAIR also has several other clients such as Bank Jatim, Ministries, and others. It is hoped that this collaboration can provide good and maximum results for PT. SEER and FH UNAIR. Hopefully, it will also be a lesson for UNAIR FH lecturers and students so that they can see and break the law and practice law,” said Iman.


The agenda was followed by signing the MoU and handing over a symbolic plaque from PT. SEER and ALC FH UNAIR. This MoU is valid for one year since it was signed and can be extended with the agreement of each party.

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