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One of the dark events in the world of football in Indonesia is the Kanjuruhan Tragedy that occurred a few months ago. Of course, this tragedy still leaves an imprint on our memories and even traumatizes the victims, their families, and closest people. Moreover, the Kanjuruhan Tragedy also has a social-psychological aspect behind it. This made psychology experts attend the Kanjuruhan Malang Tragedy Review Forum Group Discussion, which was held on Wednesday, December 7, 2022. The activity was organized by the Airlangga Center for Legal Drafting and Professional Development, Faculty of Law, Airlangga University (ALC FH UNAIR) in collaboration with the Center Study Center of Anti Corruption and Criminal Policy (CACCP FH UNAIR) and the Criminal Law Section of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Airlangga (FH UNAIR).


The psychologist who attended was Prof. Dr. Suryanto, M.Sc., the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Airlangga University. He explained that the psychological aspect of a soccer game is a social system consisting of various people with their respective roles. The organizing committee plays a role by holding responsibility for the course of the competition. Players act as competitors. The supervisor, usually PSSI, oversees the game. Supporters as spectators who support players. Of course, each of these roles interacts and mingle in a temporary football match.


Against this togetherness situation, at least there are various kinds of characteristics. First, people will act anonymously or anonymously, which results in a loss of personal responsibility. Second suggestibility, which means being easily influenced by the actions of others. Third, there is an infectious behavior that is followed by others. Fourth, the loss of personal character affects the way of behavior. According to him, when at the stadium, some showed these characters, but some did not. This makes panic will certainly cause infectious behavior, which results in chaos, so it is difficult to determine the leading cause because the crowd situation tends to be chaotic.


Furthermore, he emphasized that there could be no intention in a chaotic situation. “Chaos is also difficult to detect the prima cause of death,” he said. Crowd behavior exists because of a mindset recognized as a collective thought to act. The situation at the scene of the incident is certainly a critical point that starts all acts of violence, so it is difficult to determine the origin of the cause. Therefore, he proposed to the Government, including the Police and the organizing committee, to pay attention to the psychological and social aspects that arise after the incident by doing many things. First, provide trauma healing to restore the psychological condition of victims and their families to normal. Second, to help alleviate the social impact suffered by victims and their families, for example, if the victim is the backbone of the family.


This statement was also confirmed by Dr. Andik Matulessy, M.Sc., Chair of the Indonesian Psychological Association, who attended as a responder. He reiterated that post-riot handling would be difficult to resolve legally. This is because mass actions tend to occur because of spontaneity, giving rise to conditions that are difficult to account for and infectious behavior. The Kanjuruhan tragedy will, of course, also cause symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or post-traumatic psychological disorder. The condition usually appears one month after a heartbreaking tragedy, with symptoms such as an inability to accept reality. If this disorder is allowed to be fatal, it will lead to psychiatric disorders. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out assessment and trauma healing as well as social support for those affected. In law enforcement, the existence of this disturbance will undoubtedly be a particular obstacle because it will be difficult for victims to tell what happened.

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