Prof. Michael Bohne Emphasizes the Importance of Data Protection in Commercial Transactions

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prof. michael bohne tekankan pentingnya perlindungan data dalam transaksi komersial di kuliah tamu fh unair
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The Information Law and Technology Expert at the Dortmund Fachhochschule, Prof. Dr. Michael Bohne, gave a lecture on Commercial Law at FH UNAIR. The topic was related to the importance of data protection regulations in the legal system that underlies commercial transactions or the commercial law system.

Prof. Bohne opened his lecture with a contemporary expression that data is the new oil. The point is that data is an essential commodity in the world, just like oil used to be. Therefore, the law must be able to protect so that it is not misused.

“In the context of commercial law, legal protection of data can create a conducive and secure business environment. The misuse of data in the commercial aspect is widespread, and it is traded without us knowing what one party is doing with our data,” said the professor.

Along with the massive digitalization of commercial transactions, jurists’ and legal acedemicians’ attention to the importance of data protection in various aspects has also increased. He joked that in the past, data protection conferences were attended only by nerds and computer experts; now, top-notch advocates are following him.

“Indonesia is proposing the Personal Data Protection Bill (during this news writing, the PDP Bill has not yet been ratified). It shows that the law leads to the importance of data being protected. Previously, Germany and the European Union had regulations regarding personal data called the General Data Protection Regulation,” said Prof. Bohne.

Prof. Bohne said that the Indonesian PDP bill was the same as the existing personal data protection law in the European Union. If ratified, he believes that a positive impact on the Indonesian people will appear in the sector of facilitating the business climate.

“The next step is to raise awareness among corporations regarding the importance of data protection in their business activities. Corporations need to be concerned about implementing data protection so that the law can run optimally,” he concluded.

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