KEMENKUMHAM RI-UNAIR FH Experts Consultation: Discussing International Humanitarian Law Competency Improvement

The Department of International Law, Faculty of Law, Universitas Airlangga (FH UNAIR), represented by Dr. Enny Narwati, Ms. Dr. Lina Hastuti, Ms. Dr. Nilam Andalia Kurniasari, LL.M and Mrs. A. Indah Camelia, M.H, received a visit from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia (KEMENKUMHAM RI) on Wednesday (1/3/2023) in the Faculty Club Room. The visit was carried out as a form of consultation regarding the implementation of competency improvement in International Humanitarian Law (HHI) which was carried out to disseminate International Humanitarian Law in Indonesia which is one of the routine work programs of the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights.


This consultation, accompanied by discussion, aims to enable the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights to organize an HHI Competency Improvement by the points of urgency needed by the government, academics, and students, which is planned to be held in April 2023 in Surabaya by raising issues around the Implementation of HHI in armed conflicts at sea. Because it is considered necessary for this early dissemination program to limit victims of armed conflict, guarantee and protect conflict victims, foster a role in humanity, and spread the spirit of peace. This program is the responsibility of all countries participating in the 1949 Geneva Conventions, but of course, the government will experience many limitations in reaching all members of the Indonesian community; for this reason, a Competency Improvement program in the form of HHI dissemination is needed.


The main discussions discussed in this consultation were the selection of materials, presenters, and discussion of the implementation schedule in implementing HHI Competency Improvement activities. Several materials were later agreed upon from this consultation, for example, the Definition of Armed Conflict, Principles and Sources of International Law, San Remo Manual, Protection of victims based on the Geneva convention to the application of the law of the sea and IHL regime in Indonesia. And there are still some materials that will later become the subject of discussion in this activity.


Not only providing consultations about the material, the UNAIR Faculty of Law also provided sharpening of the subject matter of materials that need to be discussed in the HHI Competency improvement activities.


Apart from providing suggestions and input, the Department of International Law FH UNAIR also expressed its willingness to assist in implementing HHI Competency Improvement Activities in Surabaya, with the hope that the Dissemination of International Humanitarian Law in Indonesia can be realized in good ways. This competency improvement activity can be carried out correctly with this consultation activity. It can build awareness of the importance of International Humanitarian Law (HHI) among the Government, Academics, and Students.

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