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Human Rights Law Studies (HRLS) FH UNAIR, Center for Legal Pluralism Studies (CLeP) FH UNAIR, and Amnesty International Indonesia Chapter UNAIR collaborated to hold a series of events to commemorate International Human Rights Day. The commemoration is held every December 10. Titled “Embracing Humanity, Celebrating Diversities”, the activity is held for three weeks every Thursday.


At the peak of the event on Thursday (1/12/2022), four activities were held in one day. In the morning, a seminar was held that discussed the marginalization of the Indonesian Ahmadiyya Congregation (JAI) in Indonesia during the Reformation era. JAI Spokesperson Yendra Budiana was invited as a guest speaker and Director of CLeP FH UNAIR Joeni Arianto Kurniawan, PhD.


“We experience various kinds of discrimination because of the strong misperception that we are not Muslims. Starting from the issuance of the SKB of 3 Ministers, which restricted our worship, restricted administrative rights, destroyed the mosque, to the murder of 3 of our congregations in Cikeusik, Banten,” said Yendra.


The second activity that was held was a student debate and free speech on the theme “Is Recognition of LGBTQ+ Rights in Indonesia Necessary?” The debates on the pro side came from research assistants HRLS FH UNAIR and CLeP FH UNAIR, while the contras came from elements of the Islamic Spiritual System (SKI) FH UNAIR.


Arguments from the pro side emphasize that LGBTQ+ rights are a form of rights that cannot be separated from human rights. The limitation and negation of these rights in Indonesia are due to the rise of political homophobia, which experienced intensification after the New Order. On the cons side, limiting LGBTQ+ rights in Indonesia makes sense because Indonesian law only recognizes the form of marriage between a man and a woman. Not only that, LGBTQ+ is emphasized as a form of deviance. However, the opposing party does not agree with any form of discrimination or violence aimed at the LGBTQ+ group.


The third activity of the day was an audiovisual art exhibition. Works ranging from paintings and photography to short films are displayed in Building C FH UNAIR. UNAIR Amnesty Chapter Coordinator Dhamar Jagad Gautama said that what was shown there contained various social criticism related to the lack of efforts to uphold human rights in Indonesia.


“Starting from taking pictures of Amnesty friends when they visited Wadas Village, whose hill was to be turned into a mine. The rise of sexual violence and patriarchal culture in Indonesia. The stronger the oligarchy in suppressing the rights of the common people. So, a short film about land conflicts in Tambak Bayan, Surabaya,” said the UNAIR FH student.


The day was closed with an art pulpit held in the evening. Various kinds of performances were present at the pulpit. From poetry readings about human rights violations in LGBTQ+ conversion therapy, and hip-hop songs related to Surabaya, to theatrical actions about human rights violations during 1997-98 in Indonesia.

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