Guest Lecturer at Sultan Zainal Abidin University, Malaysia: Observing the Implementation of Company Law in Malaysia

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(22/5/2023) | The Faculty of Law, Airlangga University, one of the best law faculties in Indonesia, often collaborates with several foreign universities to provide material from guest lectures, one of which is in collaboration with Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin Malaysia. On Wednesday (17/05/2023) in Room 303, Building A FH UNAIR, a guest lecture was delivered by Dr. Hartinie Abd Aziz, who conveyed corporate law from the application of the legal system in Malaysia. The participants in this class are undergraduate students.


Dr. Hartinie Abd Aziz delivered material on Contract Law which was contained through an introduction to the concept of contract law, providing an initial explanation of parts of company law, through the first explanation regarding business entities which were divided into four parts, including sole proprietors, partnerships, companies, limited liability company partnerships. It was further explained regarding the influence of incorporation as a corporate body, including the right to sue & be sued, the power to control land and other property, limited liability, and eternal succession.


In the perspective of implementing company law in force in Malaysia, Dr. Hartinie provided an explanation and distinction regarding the applicable legal basis, namely that in addition to implementing state law, Malaysia is also familiar with the concept of sharia, so the concept of corporate law in Malaysia recognizes the idea of sharia law. “There are a lot of problems that occur in Malaysia regarding the perspective of company law, such as the legal status of the formation of a company,” said Dr. Hartinie.


The existence of learning delivered by guest lecturers, especially from abroad, such as from Malaysia, can improve the ability of UNAIR FH students to know more deeply about the subjects they get, especially in implementing comparative law science. Unsurprisingly, when there are guest lecturers, students ask about applicable law, application of the law, and legal issues that occur from the guest lecturer’s place of origin. Therefore, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin Malaysia, lecturer at FH UNAIR, provides exciting learning.

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