Guest Lecture Presents Alumni, Discussing Issues of Civil Space Protection in the Digital Era

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kuliah tamu hadirkan alumni, bahas isu perlindungan ruang sipil di era digital
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(28/12/2023) | Respect for civic space in the digital era has high significance in technological development and societal transformation. The importance of this respect is related to guaranteeing freedom of speech and the essence of democracy, public participation and citizen involvement, transparency and accountability, diversity and pluralism, and, of course, respect for Human Rights (HAM).

This matter was discussed in a public lecture featuring FH UNAIR alumni. Fia Walker is one of the best alumni of FH UNAIR. Currently, Fia is pursuing her doctoral studies at Monash Law, Australia. Starting her studies at FH UNAIR, Fia then continued her studies in Australia, obtaining degrees at both undergraduate and master levels up to the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP). Currently, Fia is active as an International Human Rights Lawyer and is taking a doctoral program at Monash Law School, Australia.

As an opening lecture, he shared his experiences in Australia as an International Human Rights Lawyer for several years while also being active in international NGOs working on human rights. Fia then stated that respect for civic space in the digital era is critical to ensuring that technology and online platforms are used as tools that strengthen democracy, freedom, and citizen participation in decision-making.

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In its development, Fia researched that there were many obstacles to achieving digital democracy. Based on the Civic Space Indexes issued by the OECD, in the Asia Pacific region, many countries still have scores that are considered harmful (Repressed). This is a joint work not only of the state but also of human rights activists.

Additionally, human rights defenders often receive several digital threats. These threats are, for example, related to the restrictive legal framework, disruption of communications, and the existence of supervision carried out by the state (state surveillance). “Efforts to safeguard free speech, privacy, and open access to information are crucial elements in realizing the positive benefits of digital civic space,” said Fia in closing her discussion.

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