Guest Lecture on Citizenship Law, KEMLU Diplomat Discusses the Status of Indonesian Citizens in Foreign Countries

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(17/12/2023) | To develop student knowledge, FH UNAIR often provides lecture series delivered by university teachers abroad and lectures delivered by practitioners in their field. The guest lecture series, usually called “Visiting Lecture,” was held on Monday (11/12/2023) and delivered by Wendi Budi Raharjo, S.H., M.H. as a Diplomat from the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an alumnus of FH UNAIR.

In this Visiting Lecture session, Wendi Budi Raharjo discussed “The Dynamics of Problems of Law no. 12 of 2006 concerning Indonesian Citizenship for Indonesian Citizens Abroad.” He conveyed several problems regarding the status of foreign citizenship and the loss of citizenship of the Republic of Indonesia abroad.

The Visiting Lecture, held online, was attended by several students, especially FH UNAIR students taking citizenship courses. In delivering the material, the FH UNAIR alumnus gave several explanations regarding how to implement Law No. 12 of 2006 so that it can be compared conceptually with its implementation within the scope of being a citizen of the Republic of Indonesia abroad.

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“Several factors cause a person to lose their status as an Indonesian citizen, such as obtaining another citizenship of their own accord and voluntarily entering the service of a foreign country. “There are also factors where someone loses their Indonesian citizen status because someone is 18 years old or is married and lives abroad,” said Wendi Budi.

At the end of the lecture session, the FH UNAIR alumnus said there were still many problems regarding the citizenship of Indonesian citizens, one of which was in Hong Kong. The problems Indonesian citizens face in Hong Kong include passports being used as collateral for debts at local loan sharks.

“There needs to be handling to help resolve citizenship matters in Hong Kong; some of the problems that are often faced include applications for economic-based asylum seekers, Republic of Indonesia passports being handed over to the Hong Kong immigration authorities, and so on. “However, this problem is starting to be faced, as evidenced by the Indonesian Consulate General’s diplomacy in entering into a cooperation agreement with stakeholders and relevant authorities in Hong Kong to handle this problem,” said Wendi Budi.

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