FHUNAIR-UniSZA International Students Colloquium: Discusses Comparison of Indonesian and Malaysian Legal Systems

Faculty of Law, Universitas Airlangga (FH UNAIR) held an International Students Colloquium on Wednesday (22/2/2023) in Pancasila Hall, Building A FH UNAIR. The colloquium was held as a part of the collaboration between FH UNAIR and the Faculty of Law, the University of Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), Malaysia. The colloquium was titled “Legal System Comparison Between Indonesia and Malaysia”.

This colloquium was held to facilitate students from UniSZA to exchange knowledge with students from FH UNAIR. This program also aligns with UniSZA’s motto, “Science for the Benefit of Humans”, so this colloquium is hoped to benefit UniSZA students and UNAIR FH students.

As for the background, the activity theme was comparing the legal system because the legal system is fundamental to a country. A country’s legal system is closely related to the success or failure of law enforcement in that country. There are various legal systems, namely civil law, common law, customary law systems, Islamic legal systems, and socialist legal systems, and each has different characteristics. The legal systems of Indonesia and Malaysia are, of course, other. Historical factors of the country influence this difference. As a British Commonwealth of Nations, Malaysia has a common law system, while Indonesia adheres to a civil law system. This difference raises interest because Indonesia and Malaysia are allied countries that are geographically neighboring countries, but their legal systems differ.

Apart from students, the colloquium was also attended by teaching staff from the UNAIR Faculty of Law and UniSZA. The activity was carried out using a scientific paper seminar method presented by each team, the FH UNAIR and the team from UniSZA. On that occasion, the Dean of FH UNAIR, Iman Prihandono, Ph.D, was also present, who also gave a speech at the start of the activity. After the remarks, there was a paper presentation on the Indonesian and Malaysian legal systems, as well as presentations from the four delegation teams. Then, the event continued with a question-and-answer agenda.

This colloquium hopes to build awareness of national law, improve soft skills, and develop global insight for UNAIR Faculty of Law students and UniSZA students. With the successful implementation of this colloquium event, relations between the Faculty of Law UNAIR and UniSza can be established and strengthened for the mutual growth and development of the two universities.

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