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FH UNAIR Welcomes 61 MBKM Students

The MBKM is a program launched by the Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemendikbudristek RI), which aims to encourage students to master various sciences as a provision to enter the world of work. MBKM programs include Bangkit Program, managed by Google, Goto, and Traveloka; Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA); Kampus Mengajar; Kementerian ESDM – GERILYA; internships; Membangun Desa (Thematic Community Service Program); Pejuang Muda Kampus Merdeka; Independent Student Exchange (PMM); Humanitarian Project; Research; Independent Studies; and Independent Entrepreneurs.

Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), one of the institutions supporting the MBKM program, also opens registration for student exchange students throughout Indonesia. This year, the UNAIR Faculty of Law accepted 61 PMM students from various universities in Indonesia. Several universities registered for PMM to the Faculty of Law UNAIR, namely Tadulako University, Khairun University, Asahan University, West Sulawesi University, Puangrimaggalatung College of Administrative Sciences, and various other universities from outside Java. The semester range of PMM students at the Faculty of Law UNAIR ranges from semester three to semester seven. The most popular subject at the Faculty of Law UNAIR is Corruption Criminal Law.

Dr. Enny Narwati, S.H., M.H., Vice Dean I of the Faculty of Law UNAIR said the Faculty of Law UNAIR is ready to accept students from all over Indonesia because the existing infrastructure is adequate.

“UNAIR Faculty of Law is ready to accept students from all over Indonesia because they are combined with regular classes at FH (Faculty of Law, ed), so they can feel the academic atmosphere on our campus better. So we do not provide special lecturers or special classes. MBKM students may access existing infrastructure facilities. They can access the Airlangga Law Library, can enter the Airlangga Legal Education Center, and other facilities that regular students of FH UNAIR usually access. They can also participate in student activities at FH, but it is limited. For example, they cannot participate in external competitions,” said Enny.

Enny hopes that the regulation of Higher Education (Dikti) can be improved for the better so that it can support MBKM learning optimally. “We expect that the Higher Education can review the regulations. Currently, some students are enrolling in advanced courses, where they should have passed Introduction to Law, Introduction to Indonesian Law, and Criminal Law, for example. They will find it difficult to take advanced courses such as Anti-Corruption Law if they don’t study Criminal Law first,” she said.

In closing, Enny said that this MBKM positively impacted FH UNAIR and students in Indonesia. “The positive impact for FH UNAIR will increase our branding and student interest in further studies at FH UNAIR,” she concluded.


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