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(17/12/2023) | Airlangga University Faculty of Law (FH UNAIR) developed a clinical law course emphasizing the project approach and experiential learning. This development aims to ensure that FH UNAIR graduates know legal theory and have the best capacity in the professional world of law.

FH UNAIR signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the School of Law, Monash University, in August 2023 to develop and align the curriculum and legal clinical learning methods. Six legal clinics have been established, of which two have been implemented since 2015. The legal clinic learning structure aligns with the Merdeka Belajar – Merdeka Campus (MBKM) Program, which aims to transform the legal higher education system to produce more credible graduates based on soft mastery—skills and experience in implementing the knowledge they have in society.

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The legal clinical course module was prepared on 4 – 5 December 2023 at the PBL Room, Building A FH UNAIR. The practice of this module also includes the preparation of financial reports, which will be completed no later than 15 days from the implementation date.

There are eight legal clinic courses initiated by FH UNAIR, namely Women and Children Clinic with Dr. Soelistyowati, Environmental Clinic with Dr. Indria Wahyuni, Anti-Corruption Clinic with Iqbal Felisiano in charge, Pro Bono Clinic with Riza Alfianto in order, Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic with Dr. Yuniarti, Contract Drafting Clinic with Rizky Amalia in direction, Employment Clinic with Dr. Lanny Ramli, and the Strategic Social Justice Clinic with Dr. Amira Paripurna.

This legal clinic course will present three lecturers with 24-course workshop participants. Later, students participating in the legal clinic workshop will face confirmed cases in society.

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