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fh unair dampingi kelompok petani porang madiun untuk peroleh certificate of origin
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(16/10/2023) | Kepel Village, Kare, Kab. Madiun is one of the villages in East Java that is known as a producer of porang. The foreign market’s need for Porang is quite high, but on the other hand, farmers still need to be knowledgeable about export procedures for certain agricultural products. One of the export requirements is the existence of a Certificate of Origin (COO). This certificate is a certification of the origin of goods, where it is stated in the certificate that the goods/commodities being exported originate from the exporting region/country.

Understanding Certificate of Origin (COO) is relevant to farmers, especially those exporting agricultural products. One of the reasons why farmers need to know COO in International Trade terms is that COO is a document that states the product’s origin and is required in international trade. Farmers must understand the COO requirements that the destination country may impose to export agricultural products to other countries. With a correct COO, agricultural products may be able to be shipped or receive higher import duties. It can also help farmers optimize profits because understanding the COO can help farmers optimize gains from international trade. By meeting COO requirements, they can avoid additional fees, high import duties, or other trade barriers.

Through Community Service (Pengmas) activities, the International Law Section of the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University (HI FH UNAIR Section) provides assistance to the Association of Farmer Groups (GAPOKTAN) in Kepel Village. District Kare, Madiun Regency. This activity is carried out to obtain a Certificate of Origin (COO) as an export requirement. With this assistance, farmers who are members of GAPOKTAN can understand the procedures for obtaining a COO to expand into foreign markets following international trade rules.

Dr. Aktieva Tri Tjitrawati, the lecturer at FH UNAIR, one of the focuses of her studies in the field of international trade, stated that after this activity, it is hoped that there will be support from various stakeholders to help Porang farmers in Kepel Village to expand overseas markets. “All stakeholders must understand provisions for the export of certain products as part of support for farmers,” said Dr. Aktieva on the sidelines of the community service activities. Meanwhile, Roim, one of the participants, expressed his hope and gratitude to the Community Service team from FH UNAIR for always being able to support the farmers’ cultivation results to go international. Indah Camelia, Head of Community Service activities, said this assistance will continue until the Kepel Village farmers obtain COO. “Currently, we are helping to manage obtaining a COO at the relevant Department. We hope that by the end of this year, the farmers of Kepel Village will have a COO for their Porang products,” concluded Indah.

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