The FH Delegation Wins Again at the 2023 Diponegoro Law Fair

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delegasi fh kembali raih juara pada diponegoro law fair 2023
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(5/11/2023) | The delegation team from the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University (FH UNAIR) achieved another achievement. This time, it was second place in the Diponegoro Law Fair National Legal Debate Competition. This team is led by Tazkia Sahria Aulia Mahfud (2020), and its members include Muhammad Akmal Syawal (2021), Septi Tri Cahyanti (2021), Kumalasari (2021), Citra Agustin Pratiwi (2021), and Riva Robiatul Adawiyah (2021).

This team beat 15 teams from various universities and won second place. MYMA FH UNAIR always sends delegations to participate in this competition and often wins champion titles.

In an interview with UNAIR NEWS on November 2, 2023, Tazkia explained that they had been preparing for one month, including debate practice. They need help managing time between debate preparation and Midterm Exam preparation.

The motions they debated covered criminal law and constitutional law issues. Constitutional law motions often focus on General Elections and the Constitutional Court.

Tazkia explained that the main difference with previous competitions was related to the debate motion and competition structure. They face three cases and debate against three teams in the preliminary round, then move on to the semifinal and final rounds against one team.

Tazkia and her team felt happy and grateful because they managed to defend their championship title in this competition, even though they felt depressed. After all, FH UNAIR always won.

As a final piece of advice, Tazkia gave tips and tricks to become the defending champion, namely diligently doing research and training, praying, and behaving well towards others during the competition process.

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