colloquium prodi s2 s3 fh unair usung topik metode perbandingan hukum

FH UNAIR Post Graduate Study Program Colloquium brought up the topic of Comparative Legal Methods.

(18/12/2023) | To increase knowledge in each field of law, a Colloquium was held, which was held by the Master of Law, Master of Notary, and Doctor of Law study program, which took place on 1-2 December 2023. The Colloquium, held in the Pancasila room, Building A FH UNAIR, took place on the topic “Comparative Legal Method: Problems and Prospects”.

This Colloquium activity is a forum for Masters and Doctoral students of FH UNAIR to gain more knowledge about legal developments in Indonesia, and this is also practically conveyed at this Colloquium. The presenters included Dr. Rosa Ristawati, S.H., LL.M. as a lecturer in Constitutional Law, FH UNAIR, Dr. Dian Rositawati, S.H., M.A. as a lecturer at Jentera Indonesian College of Law, Prof. Mirza Satria Buana, Ph.D as Professor at the Faculty of Law, Lambung Mangkurat University.

This time’s Colloquium is Dr. Rosa Ristawati, S.H., LL.M. conveys the development of comparative legal studies, especially in discussions of classical, modern-post-modern, and cosmopolitan law. Dr. Rosa also said that the implementation of legal actions in Indonesia is theoretical and practical in the performance of law in Indonesia.

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“In comparative law material, there are many developments according to time, so legal developments are flexible. “Apart from theory, legal developments also develop in practice, so that legal developments in Indonesia must also follow practical legal developments in several other countries, especially countries with civil law systems,” said Dr. Rosa Ristawati.

Another speaker, Dr. Dian, discussed the comparison of law in the context of deepening various groups of scientific disciplines, which, in terms of basic concepts, certainly keep up with the times. “Comparative law in the massively changing world is challenging as a jurist. On the other hand, understanding comparative law is one way of understanding the typology of legal research. “There are various scientific groups that can be used as legal research concepts, including sociology, politics, technology, and so on,” said Dr. Diane.

In the context of comparative Constitutional Law, Prof. Mirza also believes that dynamic world developments can positively or negatively impact the constitutional system. Hence, adjustments need to be made in understanding constitutional law through a comparative approach to Constitutional Law.

“The presence of comparison in the concept of Constitutional Law began in the era of Aristotle, who compiled several constitutions of the polis in ancient Greece. “The comparative study of Constitutional Law is essentially a form of looking at ‘similarities’ in ‘differences,’ and vice versa,” explained the Professor at the Faculty of Law, Lambung Mangkurat University.

kolokium antarbangsa hubungan baik universitas airlangga dan universiti kebangsaan malaysia

International Colloquium: Good Relations between Airlangga University and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

(12/12/2023) | The Faculty of Law (FUU) Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) held an International Colloquium program consisting of students from the Master’s program at the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University (UNAIR). This activity was attended by the Dean of FUU, Ybrs. Prof. Madya Dr. So @Zaidi Hassim, together with Dr. Maradona, S.H., LL.M., as Deputy Dean II of the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University. This activity mainly aims to present research results from Unair students to expert lecturers from FUU. The assessment results are then presented clearly to be used as evaluation material for students. This activity also aims to create a Letter of Intent (LoI), which marks strategic cooperation between the two campus parties.

The activity, held on Monday (30/10/2023), was attended by 29 participants, each of whom had submitted papers that would later be assessed. Based on a statement from one of the Master’s students, Kautsar Ismail, the participants did not go with a team or delegation system. Still, they were student representatives from Master’s Degree, both Master of Law Sciences and Master of Notary Affairs, FH Unair. The representative team was led by four lecturers: Dr. Maradona, Dr. Indira Retno Aryatie (Head of the Master of Notarial Masters Study Program), Oemar Moechthar, and Indah Camelia.

Kautsar admitted that in preparation for this activity, they had been preparing for about two months, preparing for paper writing, research, and departure administration. Kautsar wrote a topic titled “Authority of Marine Environmental Protection and Law Enforcement in Indonesia’s Archipelagic Sea Lanes (ALKI) towards Enhancing Indonesia’s National Marine Health Standards.” This paper briefly examines the number of authorities in enforcing marine environmental law, especially in the Indonesian Archipelagic Sea Lanes. Kautsar feels honored because this paper was worked on and received many contributions of thought, discussion, suggestions, and input from my lecturers, who are members of the Central of Maritime and Ocean Law Studies (Maroclaw).

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Kautsar won the Best Paper award for his presentation. “Of course, I am grateful and honored, but our paper is still far from perfect. We promise to improve it again and make it a paper worthy of attention in the academic world and related stakeholders.”

Kautsar also said that the tips for his achievements were “Hard work, sincere work, and not giving up under any circumstances. Don’t forget to ask for consultations and discussions with accompanying lecturers because they are the ones who will strengthen us.”

fokus isu perubahan iklim, hima fh unair selenggarakan seminar tantangan dalam litigasi perubahan iklim

Focusing on Climate Change Issues, HIMA FH UNAIR Holds Seminar on Challenges in Climate Change Litigation

(11/12/2023) | Being part of the best Law Faculty in Indonesia, Airlangga University Faculty of Law, is both an honor and a challenge, considering that the rapid development of the times means that many legal problems must be handled. One problem that always remains is regarding the environment because the environment is very closely related to various human lives, one of which is enforcing environmental law in Indonesia.

To answer various problems regarding environmental law, FH UNAIR, through the Master of Law Student Association, held a seminar in collaboration with the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia with the topic “What are the challenges in climate litigation?”. The seminar was held on Tuesday (5/12/2023), presenting several speakers, including Bambang H Mulyono, S.H., M.H. as Head of the Legal and Judicial Training Research and Development Agency of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia, Sugeng Riyono, S.H., M.Hum. as High Judge of the DKI Jakarta High Court, and Indria Wahyuni, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D. as an Environmental Law expert in the field of Climate Change and a Lecturer at FH UNAIR.

In this seminar, Dr. Maradona, S.H., LL.M., as Deputy Dean III, greeted several speakers as well as guests who were also present, such as fellow environmental observers, several members of the Forest Police, and several from the Surabaya High Court who were specifically present to take part in this series of seminars.

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“I, on behalf of the Dean of FH UNAIR, am pleased, ladies and gentlemen, to attend this seminar; I am sure this seminar will be beneficial in the future in overcoming various legal problems regarding climate change because climate change will move massively if it is not handled early,” said his speech. Deputy Dean III FH UNAIR.

Franky Butar Butar S.H., M.Dev, moderated the seminar. Prac., LL.M., who is also a Lecturer in Environmental Law at FH UNAIR, the progress was exciting, considering that climate change needs further treatment, especially in the field of litigation, so it was very appropriate that this seminar, apart from being attended by academics, was also attended by practitioners who were experts in environmental law.

Indria Wahyuni, Ph.D., conveyed that in dealing with climate change, there needs to be a commitment from both the government and society, remembering that coping with climate change is not an easy problem to solve, so it requires joint concern.

“There needs to be alignment between the programs being intensified by the government and law enforcement officials in handling litigation resolution on climate change issues. “However, the most basic thing is that there is a need for a climate change education program by forming an education curriculum starting from elementary school onwards, considering that several countries already have such an education curriculum,” said climate change law expert FH UNAIR.

giat diseminasi hukum humaniter internasional dan san remo manual diskum lantamal v surabaya

Dissemination of International Humanitarian Law and San Remo Manual at Diskum Lantamal V Surabaya

(11/30/2023) | Students from the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University (FH UNAIR) who are currently carrying out an internship with the Independent Campus Competition Program (PKKM) at the Legal Service of the Indonesian Navy’s Main Base V Surabaya (Diskum Lantamal V) took part in the Dissemination of International Humanitarian Law and San Remo Manual for the 2023 Academic Year, which was held on Friday (3/11/2023) at the Mako Lantamal V Multipurpose Building, Perak, Surabaya, in collaboration with the Naval Headquarters Legal Service.

The resource person for this activity was Hery Supriyatno, S.H., M.H. and Imam Harahap, S.H., M.H., M.Tr.Opsla as Lieutenant Colonel of the Indonesian Navy. There were also remarks from the Commander of Lantamal V, Brigadier General TNI Marines, Joni Sulistiawan, S.H., M.Han. He said that Indonesian Navy soldiers must have understanding and knowledge in implementing the Rules of Engagement (ROE).

Then, the session continued with the presentation of material by the speakers.

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“Currently, the Indonesian Navy is faced with a developing strategic environment and very complex task demands, so Indonesian Navy soldiers must have knowledge and understanding of international humanitarian law. “Apart from that, students interning with the Indonesian Navy are also required to take part in combat simulation activities to attack an enemy country’s naval base and analyze which parts of the enemy base can be attacked and which cannot be attacked,” said the speaker.

Apart from the presentation of the material, there was also a question-and-answer session between the resource person and the seminar participants. Dimas Bagus Prayogo, FH UNAIR student class 2021 who participated in the PKKM internship at Diskum Lantamal V Surabaya, said this dissemination activity benefited law students. He and his fellow interns gained new insights and experiences regarding international humanitarian law.

“I am happy to be able to take part in the Dissemination of International Humanitarian Law and the San Remo Manual with Indonesian Navy Soldiers on Lantamal V with resource persons from the Legal Service of the Indonesian Navy Headquarters. This dissemination is very beneficial for us as law students. “We can find out the procedures for fighting by international humanitarian law and know the procedures for fighting at sea based on the San Remo Manual,” said Dimas.

delegasi fh unair raih juara i dan best speaker debat hukum nasional gebyar pekan hukum syariah di uin malang

FH UNAIR Delegation Wins First Place and Best Speaker in National Legal Debate Celebrating Sharia Law Week at UIN Malang

(11/30/2023) | As a FH UNAIR student, one of the soft skills you must have is public speaking. This is the starting point for the soft skills FH UNAIR students possess. Developing public speaking can be facilitated through legal debates, which made the FH UNAIR delegation win first place in the National Legal Debate Celebrating Sharia Law Week (GPHS) held at UIN Malang on 26-27 November 2023.

The GPHS delegation from FH UNAIR consisted of Kharisma Putri Wardani (2020), Angeline Regita Nathalia (2020), Tazkia Sahria Aulia Mahfud (2020), Muhammad Akmal Syawal (2021). This GPHS competition had several debate motions, all discussing the Constitutional Court. Kharisma, as the head of the delegation from FH UNAIR to GPHS, was also happy because what they had worked for was getting results.

“We prepared for this competition in less than one week because the four of us have busy schedules, so sometimes it is quite difficult to adjust the training schedule. “In less than 1 week, we also took the time to consult with lecturers regarding several debate topics,” said Kharisma.

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Tazkia also revealed that this competition was an exciting one to participate in, considering that the FH UNAIR delegation had never attended previously. He and his team also prepared everything needed for the competition, even though the time required was relatively short.

“We are happy that this is the first time that FH UNAIR has taken part in the GPHS competition held at UIN Malang; considering that the preparation time is quite short, it is a challenge for us to prepare for this competition. “This competition is a typical competition that can be participated in again. It can be seen that starting from the readiness of the committee and jury in assessing the competition, it is perfect,” said Tazkia.

At the end of the sentence, Regita advised all FH UNAIR students that in the future, as FH UNAIR students, they can continue to explore their potential; one of the ways is through competitions.

“Hopefully, in the future, FH UNAIR students can continue to develop their potential, one of which is through various existing competitions. “Taking the opportunities that exist and getting out of your respective comfort zones is one of the main keys,” he concluded.

bahas tesis e purchasing dalam pengadaan konstruksi, mahasiswi ini jadi wisudawan terbaik s2 fh unair

Discussing E-Purchasing Thesis in Construction Procurement, This Student Becomes the Best Graduate of FH UNAIR Master’s Degree

(11/30/2023) | Working while studying for a master’s degree is certainly not an easy thing to do. However, both were successfully carried out by Wiwit Wijayanti, S.H., M.H. Wiwit became the Best Master’s Degree Graduate at the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University (FH UNAIR) for the December 2023 Graduation Period with a GPA of 3.90.

Wiwit wrote a thesis entitled “Principles of Accountability in Procuring Construction Work using the E-Purchasing Method.” Her thesis discusses the application of accountability principles related to the responsibility and authority of procurement actors, which often need to be revised. Apart from that, her thesis also discusses the implications of using e-purchasing methods in procuring construction work.

“From the results of my research, it was concluded that the principle of accountability in the implementation of e-catalog construction work procurement has not been fully implemented because factors in the procurement process were omitted. For example, in determining the Self Estimated Price (HPS) and performance guarantees. “There are no regulations regarding criteria, standard standards, and types of goods in procuring construction work, so e-purchasing as a method for procuring construction work is still not the best method,” said Wiwit.

Wiwit also shared her motivation to continue her Master’s studies at FH UNAIR. According to her, FH UNAIR is the best Law Faculty in Indonesia. She also took her undergraduate studies at FH UNAIR, so she is proud and wants to continue her studies at her beloved alma mater.

“I want to realize my dream and the dream of my beloved mother so that I can hold a Master of Laws degree. I also want to improve my abilities, skills, and logical thinking and increase my network. “Apart from that, I want to be an example for children and the environment that gaining knowledge knows no age,” she said.

Wiwit also shared her experiences while studying. An exciting story is that at the beginning of online lectures, it must be considered that boredom set in, plus the lecture hours were held at night, which often caused drowsiness. At times like that, she and her friends screen capture images of other friends on Zoom with their respective behavior and share them in the class group.

“At that time, we only knew each other through the network until we finally met physically in semester 2. There was a feeling of excitement to meet S2 friends in person,” said Wiwit.

After graduating, Wiwit plans to continue working as an ASN at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia. She advised her classmates to remain enthusiastic in pursuing their respective dreams.

“My message to my beloved class friends: I wish you always success and stay enthusiastic in achieving your goals. “I hope FH UNAIR will remain the best in Indonesia and continue to improve globally,” concluded Wiwit.

tulis disertasi tentang peninjauan kembali dalam perkara perselisihan hubungan industrial, fransisco jadi wisudawan terbaik s3 fh unair

Writing a Dissertation on Judicial Review in Industrial Relations Dispute Cases, Fransisco Becomes the Best Graduate of Doctoral Degree FH UNAIR

(11/30/2023) | Judicial review should apply to criminal and civil cases and industrial relations dispute cases. Dr. Francisco, S.H., LL.M., wrote this in his dissertation entitled “Principles of Justice and Legal Certainty in the Elimination of Judicial Review in Settlement of Industrial Relations Disputes.”

Fransisco is the Best Doctoral Graduate at the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University (FH UNAIR) for the December 2023 Graduation Period. He graduated with a GPA of 3.86 after studying for a Doctoral Degree for three years since 2020. Currently, he is working as a lecturer at a university in Indonesia.

Francisco discusses industrial relations disputes in his dissertation. In resolving industrial relations disputes, there is only one type of legal remedy: cassation. However, this cassation can only be requested in cases involving rights and disputes regarding termination of employment. Meanwhile, cassation cannot be requested by the Supreme Court for disputes involving interests and disputes between labor unions within a company.

“The provisions for legal remedies in the Industrial Relations Dispute Settlement Act are limited to cassation, and there is no judicial review. “This reflects a conflict with the principles of justice and legal certainty, especially for workers who are empirically in an unequal (marginal) position compared to entrepreneurs,” explained Fransisco.

SEMA Number 3 of 2018 has eliminated legal remedies for judicial review in industrial relations dispute resolution cases to overcome the ambiguity of legal remedies for judicial review, which need to be regulated clearly and in detail in the Industrial Relations Dispute Settlement Act.

“The Supreme Court needs to review or revoke the existence of SEMA Number 3 of 2018, especially the legal formulation of the Special Civil Chamber, because SEMA is not a law, but SEMA’s position as a Policy Regulation (beleidsregel). As a policy regulation, the Supreme Court Circular Letter is also limited by the Freies Ermessen principle. In connection with the limitations of the law in resolving these concrete cases, judges should be able to explore the laws that exist in the industrial relations community. The Judicial Power Law contains provisions that judges as law enforcers are obliged to explore, follow, and understand the legal values that exist in society so that in such circumstances, judges can make decisions based on the law and society’s sense of justice, namely by opening “The door to judicial review for justice seekers,” said Francisco.

Apart from explaining the contents of his dissertation, Fransisco also talked about his reasons and motivation for continuing his doctoral studies at FH UNAIR. His inspiration for continuing his doctoral education was to improve his knowledge and become more professional in the legal field. He chose FH UNAIR as his place to study because he felt that FH UNAIR had an excellent impression and the alumni were competent.

“FH UNAIR is also one of the best Law Faculties in Indonesia,” he said.

While studying at FH UNAIR, Fransisco said he had a memorable experience. For him, pursuing a doctoral education requires solid mental preparation. Moreover, at the start of the lecture, the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, which became a challenge for students like him who came from outside Surabaya. However, it all paid off when he graduated as the Best Graduate. He plans to return to his hometown and serve as a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Palangkaraya University.

“All these struggles paid off with excellent impressions and experiences while studying at FH UNAIR, namely the knowledge gained and competent and professional teachers in their respective fields, adequate facilities, and extraordinary service. Hopefully, this very good impression can be maintained in the future. “Thank you, FH UNAIR,” he concluded.

delegasi fh unair cetak prestasi pada 18th international humanitarian law moot court competition 2023

FH UNAIR Delegation Scores Achievements at the 18th International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition 2023

(29/11/2023) | FH UNAIR students often participate in national and international competitions, such as the FH UNAIR delegation in the 18th International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition (IHLMCC) held at Gadjah Mada University. The members of this delegation include Alissa Angelia (2021), Farrell Sudarma (2022), Joy Andrea Sihombing (2022), Reynaldi Rizky Setiawan (2021), Rayhan Agung Ramadhan (2021).

IHLMCC is an annual International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) competition. This competition was held on 11-12 November 2023 for the Preliminary round and 18-19 November for the Advanced round. The FH UNAIR delegation in this competition won several categories, including National Quarter-finalist, Best Defendant Memorial, and 2nd Best Overall Memorials.

“This competition carries the theme of humanitarian law from the perspective of maritime warfare. “We are participating in this competition to increase our understanding of humanitarian law and how it can be applied to the cases presented by the organizers,” said Alissa.

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Reynaldi also added that the IHLMCC they took part in was an exciting experience and had lots of interesting things, such as one of the sessions that did not exist in previous years, namely the Jean-Pictet Role Play Competition.

“This year is exciting because there is a new session, namely the Jean-Pictet Role Play Competition, where delegates have to play the roles they are given, such as being members of the ICRC and legal advisors. “Apart from that, at the Gala Dinner session, we interacted and exchanged laughs with delegates from other universities, which later became an unforgettable moment for us,” explained Reynaldi.

Farrell revealed that he and his team felt happy and proud when they achieved several championship titles, considering that behind his team’s success, there were several difficulties in preparing for this competition, such as preparing appropriate legal arguments. He also advised that in the future, FH UNAIR students can continue participating in this IHLMCC competition.

“We feel happy and proud to have succeeded in this position because the process we have gone through was not in vain; of course in the future, we hope we can participate in IHLMCC and get better than this year. “Hopefully, in the future, all FH UNAIR students will continue to develop into themselves and carry the name of FH UNAIR,” he concluded.

mahasiswi kenotariatan fh unair raih juara iii esai gadjah mada notary competition 2023

FH UNAIR Notary Student Wins Third Place in Essay Gadjah Mada Notary Competition 2023

(29/11/2023) | FH UNAIR students continue to win championships in various academic and non-academic fields. FH UNAIR Master of Notary students felt this named Amaliah Aisyah (2023), who won 3rd place in the National Essay competition organized by the Gadjah Mada University Notary Student Family.

The 2023 Gadjah Mada Notary Competition was attended by 40 teams from 17 different universities throughout Indonesia; then, the six best teams were selected to continue in the next round. Amaliah revealed that the preparation for participating in this competition was relatively short; she took part in this competition despite her busy studies as a Master’s student in Notary Affairs.

“I took part in this competition individually, and I just found out about the Gadjah Mada Notary Competition through social media, which was created this year. “I saw that this competition was open on October 3, 2023, but I only wrote my essay on October 22, 2023, while the maximum essay submission date was October 31, 2023, and I worked on it properly despite being busy preparing my thesis,” said Amal.

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Amaliah said that the essay “Opportunities and Legal Protection for Notaries in the Implementation of Cyber Notaries” was her first time participating in a national essay competition, especially in the legal sphere that touches on notarial law.

“One example that can be taken in the essay I wrote is the existence of POJK eRups for public companies. “Then there is an opportunity to improve business operations in Indonesia from 73rd place. Previously, I had never participated in an essay competition, remembering that when I was an undergraduate, I took part in NMCC, as was done at UNSOED, UNDIP, and several other universities in Indonesia,” said the Master of Notary student.

Amaliah gave a few tips when holding competitions, especially in essay competitions, such as providing guidance to lecturers to carry out consultations regarding the topics and writing that will be contested; she also advised all FH UNAIR students to continue competing so they can make the name of FH UNAIR famous.

“Tips for following an essay: the first is to apply appropriate rules and support the essay’s title, then the second is to focus on legal issues so that the writing is not wordy, and the last is to consult with the lecturer according to the essay written. “I hope that in the future, FH UNAIR students, especially postgraduate students, can continue to win in various competitions so that they will bring the name of FH UNAIR,” he concluded.

delegasi fh unair kembali raih juara i dalam parahyangan legal competition vi 2023

FH UNAIR Delegation Again Won First Place in Parahyangan Legal Competition VI 2023

(25/11/2023) | The Scientific Writing Delegation sent by MYMA FH UNAIR won first place again in the Parahyangan Legal Competition (PLC) VI 2023 Scientific Writing Competition organized by Parahyangan Catholic University. This activity was held offline starting from 18-19 November 2023, with a delegation consisting of Indriani Vicky (2021), Amilah Fadhlina (2020), Deah Ajeng Pramudita (2021), Dinar Darajati A. (2022).

This year’s PLC VI 2023 competition carries the theme “Reinterpreting the Concept of the Rule of Law in Power Dynamics in Harmony with Pancasila and Human Rights”. Indriani, as head of the LKTI delegation from FH UNAIR, expressed her happiness and pride with the achievements that the FH UNAIR delegation has achieved so far.

“We took the sub-theme of Developing the Concept of Meaningful Community Participation and a Human Rights Perspective in the Formation of Legislation. “We are also proud to have succeeded in retaining the scientific writing champion in the PLC competition,” said Indriani.

Amilah also added that sending a PLC delegation to the Scientific Writing competition was not the first time the FH UNAIR delegation had participated, so this created a challenge for the FH UNAIR Scientific Writing delegation.

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“The Parahyangan Legal Competition is not the first time that FH UNAIR delegates have taken part in this competition, so our task is a little harder to maintain the championship achieved in the previous year. “We also intend that by participating in this competition, we can develop a supportive, competitive spirit and be able to carry the name of FH UNAIR,” said Amilah.

Deah also explained to FH NEWS that there were several difficulties while creating this scientific paper, including a speedy timeline from the organizers and differences in legal views between Parahyangan Catholic University and Airlangga University.

“We prepared this paper for only approximately six days, bearing in mind that the ideas we wrote about were quite complex, as well as differences in legal views where we were used to normative ideas and were different from the questions asked by the jury, which aimed at the effectiveness of the ideas,” explained Deah.

Indri also advised all FH UNAIR students not to be afraid to try and feel that they have enough to learn something so that FH UNAIR students can continue to achieve achievements according to their own potential.

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