FH BEST Contingent Participates in Enlivening UNAIR’s 69th Anniversary

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kontingen fh best ikut meriahkan acara dies natalis unair ke 69
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(6/11/2023) | Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) is again holding its Dies Natalis event this year to commemorate its 69th birthday. The series of Dies Natalis events entitled “69 Years of UNAIR Celebration” was attended by various faculties and work units at UNAIR, including the Faculty of Law UNAIR.

UNAIR Faculty of Law participated in the Contingent Defile and Game Building Olympiad on Sunday (5/11/2023) at Merr-C Campus, UNAIR. The UNAIR Faculty of Law contingent wore red uniforms and carried signs reading “Save Our Planet” and “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. The contingent, FH BEST, has the theme of caring for the environment.

The ranks of the Dean of the Faculty of Law UNAIR also enlivened the healthy march parade, which was held from the starting point in the front yard of the Rectorate Building to the final point at the Airlangga Convention Center. There was the Dean of the Faculty of Law UNAIR, Iman Prihandono, Vice Dean II, M. Syaiful Aris, and Vice Dean III, Maradona. Apart from that, there are also lecturers, educational staff, staff, and academics from the Faculty of Law UNAIR.

Not only taking part in the healthy walking parade, the FH BEST contingent also participated in several competition activities at the Game Building Olympics, including marble relay games, glass stacking, color point, and stick relay. The festive atmosphere, accompanied by enthusiastic chants from the UNAIR Faculty of Law academics, added to the excitement of the day’s activities. After the march and game-building parade, the agenda continued with a band performance and a visit to local MSME snack stands.

For your information, the series of events “Dies Natalis: The Celebration of 69 Years of UNAIR” has been held since October 2023 with the agenda of the Chancellor’s Cup, SDGs Festival, Udeng Design Concept Competition, People’s Market, Airlangga Run, Fishing Together, Game Building Olympics, Airlangga Looking for Bintang, Heroes’ Day Ceremony, and at the peak of the closing there will be a Concert with the Airlangga Knights inviting Pusakata and Klantik. The entire activity agenda reflects the spirit, creativity, and inspiration of UNAIR’s 69th Anniversary. Together, UNAIR celebrates achievements, explores talents, and looks forward to a bright future.

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