Achievement of Excellent Accreditation of FH UNAIR Law Doctoral Program by BAN-PT

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(7/11/2023) | Accreditation is the most important part of measuring educational quality and several other aspects of assessment. Recently, the FH UNAIR doctoral program achieved Superior accreditation, which was directly assessed by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT). Through Superior Accreditation, there are many challenges and several assessments that must be met to reach this point, so many parties are involved in the assessment of the FH UNAIR Doctoral program.

The criteria for this accreditation assessment have been determined through the Higher Education Data Base (PD DIKTI), which will then carry out further data collection by BAN-PT. FH UNAIR Law Doctoral Program, which was established after the Chancellor’s Decree No. 56 of 1982 concerning the Organizational Structure of Airlangga University and the Decree of the Chancellor of Airlangga University No. 8897/PT.03.6/0/1982 are not a short journey from time to time to achieve BAN-PT Superior accreditation.

Prof. Dr. Agus Yudha Hernoko, S.H., M.H., as the Coordinator of the Legal Studies Doctoral Study Program, is pleased with the achievement of “Excellent” Accreditation because the process to achieve this Accreditation was not easy, and there were many parties who helped to complete the accreditation process.

“Achievement at this point is the result of a long and not easy journey; there was a lot of support from all parties who helped the FH UNAIR Doctoral of Law program achieve superior Accreditation from BAN-PT, especially the leaders of Universitas Airlangga and the ranks of the Dean of FH UNAIR. “Thanks to the participation of students, lecturers, teaching staff, and alumni who worked together to help achieve this,” said Prof. Yudha

Prof. Yudha also advised that achieving this Superior Accreditation is not something to be complacent about this achievement. However, there are still many things that must be improved both in terms of professionalism and responsibility to all levels of society.

“In line with the vision of the Doctor of Law program, namely running an educational program rooted in the values of justice and humanity, in the future, it is hoped that graduates from the Doctor of Law program at FH UNAIR will be able to implement these values amidst increasingly complex societal problems so that the Doctor of Science program “Law is present as a light that guides the darkness of legal problems in society,” said the Coordinator of the Law Doctoral Study Program, FH UNAIR.

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