Airlangga Global Scholar 2021

Airlangga Global Scholar 2021



As a leading university, Universitas Airlangga proudly present a Airlangga Global Scholar, an international program specifically designed for overseas scholars or academician to experience the exposure of academic life at Universitas Airlangga through teaching activity.

Airlangga Global Scholar Program consists of:

  • Airlangga Post-Doctoral Program
  • Visiting Fellow.



Universitas Airlangga | Management Office Building, 2nd Floor.

Universitas Airlangga, Campus C, Mulyorejo, 60115 – Surabaya, Indonesia

Phone  : +62(31) 596 6964; +62(31) 591 5551

Fax       : +62(31) 596 6964 ; +62(31) 591 5551

e-mail :;

Website :,




This program invites international academics to deliver online course, online guest lecture, or writing clinic in a seminar class.


  • A professor/ senior/ lecture (associate professor, assistant professor/lecture)
  • Deliveralectureforatleast1topiccoursefromanycourse relevant to their expertise (course availability subjects to the available department/faculty in UNAIR. The list of department/faculty is accessible on
  • The scholar could deliver the lecture for maximum 2 sessions
  • Get involved in more activities depending on the agreement between visiting fellow and faculty


  • Honorarium
  • Certificate of appreciation

Enrollment: Open all year round

Apply here:

Airlangga Post-Doctoral Program


  • Be willing to support Universitas Airlangga in its effort to be World Class University
  • Do a project or research proposed by and or supervised by a supervisor at UNAIR
  • Teach particular courses in certain number of credits as it is agreed
  • Write a publication with the supervisor
  • Due to the pandemic situation, we provide 2 (two) schemes of the APD program :
  • APD offline: Participants should be willing to stay in Indonesia for 3 months
  • APD online: You may reach AGE to discuss the further arrangement

This program invites all promising doctoral graduates all across the world to conduct academic activities with our prominent professors and academic.


  • International academics from a reputable university/higher education institution
  • Diaspora/Indonesians who are affiliated with overseas universities may also apply for this program
  • Doctoral graduates, maximum 5 years from the date of graduation.
  • Have publications in international peer-reviewed journals and have experiences as a lecture assistant or research assistant


Due to the pandemic Covid-19, we provide two schemes of the APD program and the participant will be awarded the following amount of honorarium :

  • APD offline: IDR 45.000.000 for 3 months that could cover accommodation, living allowance, meals, and local transport.
  • APD online: IDR 30.000.000 during 3 months’ program to cover publication incentive

Post-Doctoral Application:
       1. Application from overseas Universities/Instititutes

  • CV (includes publication list)
  • Application form
  • Coverletter (includes proposed date of visits)
  • Scanned ID page of passport
  • Summary of Proposed Research

    2.  Airlangga Global Engagement
       Airlangga Global Engagement (AGE) shall receive the application of prospective candidates

        3. Directorate of Academic Affairs
           Directorate of Academic Affairs and Relevant Faculty will review the application

        4. Airlangga Global Engagement

AGE will announce the acceptance and handle the LoA issuance
Enrollment: Open all year round

Visiting Fellow

This program invites international academics from a Higher Education Institution to visit Universitas Airlangga for short period. In this program, the academics may conduct a guest lecture or a writing clinic in a seminar/training/workshop in their field of expertise.


  • A professor or senior lecturer (associate professor, assisstant professor)/lecturer
  • Be willing to stay for at least 5 days to max of 3 months
  • Have more activities depending on the agreement between Visiting Fellow and Faculty


  • University will bear the cost of accommodation and/or local transportation. Which is equal to IDR 5.000.000 per month
  • University will assist the visiting fellow to find the accommodation during the stay in Surabaya

Visiting Fellow Applications:

  1. Academics: Universities or Instititutes from Overseas
  • CV
  • Proposed date of the program
  • Proposed Faculties
  1. Airlangga Global Engagement

AGE will review the application (if accepted, a LoA will be issued)

Enrollment: Open all Year round

  • Even Semester: January
  • Odd Semester: July
  • Note: Depending on the National Regulation to open the border regarding the pandemic situation of COVID-19